4 Reasons Gifting a Skydive Will Make You a Hero

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone in your life? We’ve got the perfect idea and it’s sure to award you the trophy for the best gift of the century – you’ll be a hero! A skydive gift voucher is just what you need to really “wow” your giftee this year. Purchasing a skydive gift certificate is easy-peasy lemon squeezy – you kind of can’t go wrong!

Skydiving is for everyone! Whether your person is an adrenaline junkie looking for a thrill; someone looking to check skydiving off their bucket list; a brave soul looking to overcome a fear; or someone wanting a bit more – perhaps a change in perspective, a boost of confidence, or a feeling of raw happiness. While there are many reasons why gifting a skydive is a good idea, we’ve got 4 reasons why gifting a skydive will make YOU a hero this holiday season.


Humans are inquisitive creatures … always looking up at the sky wondering what’s up there … what it would feel like to fly through the blue abyss or to jump on a puffy white cloud. One reason why gifting a skydive will make you a hero is that it’s one of the most desired superhero powers – FLYING!

skydiving gift recipient enjoying first tandem skydive


Some people go skydiving just to cross off another line item on their bucket list, and others discover a passion for skydiving! They are “bitten by the skydiving bug” so to speak. Even the most elite skydivers in the world still remember their first tandem skydive – it’s usually where their story begins. This passion could drive you to pursue a skydiving license to be able to learn to skydive on your own. Skydiving solo opens your eyes to a brand new world full of opportunity, empowerment, and an incredible community that spans the globe!

The gift of a skydive provides a memory that your person will carry with them throughout their life-long journey, and it can also change their entire outlook on life! Gifting a skydive gives your loved one permission to see the world through a different lens and to gain a brand new perspective. It can stir something profound within the depths of their soul and inspire them to live life to the fullest. Be sure to include the video and photos in whichever package you choose for your skydiving gift certificate. Trust and believe your loved one will want to relive their big moment over and over again!


Think back to every gift you’ve ever received, just before you open it. If you have no idea what’s inside, you might assume it’s a material item. Now imagine getting the most fantastic surprise – it’s an experience, and it’s a skydiving gift certificate! YES!!! The look on your face will be epic – lit up with excitement. A skydiving gift certificate is a present that cannot be topped!


When you’re gifting a skydive, you’re gifting the feeling of FREEDOM, and it will instill immeasurable gratitude in your recipient. Why? Because skydiving has a way of liberating you from all of the troubles that haunt you on the ground. All of those real and perceived limitations? Gone. Skydiving fosters the confidence we need to stretch our limits and explore our world – no boundaries. You find the capability within yourself that you never knew you had!

The mental and physical benefits are what stick with you even after your skydive is all said and done. Adrenaline is the key hormone that gives you the feeling of superhuman strength by heightening your overall awareness, improving cognitive abilities, increasing blood flow, and more! This adrenaline rush gives you a fantastic mood boost and increased confidence which will inspire you to tackle problems in other aspects of your life and, in turn, improve your overall quality of life.

This uplifting, life-altering feeling is something your loved one would have never been able to experience if it wasn’t for your generous skydiving gift – and that right there is what makes you a HERO!

So throw on your cape, and be a hero today by purchasing a skydiving gift certificate for your person this season! Check out our Winter Holiday Sale running until January 2nd and our other fantastic options for your skydiving gift needs. Have questions about gift cards? Get in touch with a WNY Skydiving team member today! Blue skies, superheroes!

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