What Skydiving Feels Like

Monday, April 19, 2021

Euphoric. Amazing. Indescribable. These are just a few words that could describe how it feels to skydive. It’s one of those sports that leaves you speechless, and more times than not, many will say, “It’s something you just have to try yourself!” If you landed here (see what we did there) then you must be wondering what this thrilling experience is all about. Well future skydiver, let’s explore! 

Arriving at the Dropzone

Imagine pulling in the parking lot and looking up to see colorful parachutes dotting the blue skies overhead. As you step out of the car you hear, “WOOOOHOOOOO!!” and a swishing-like sound of parachutes floating to the ground. Your heart elevates, palms sweat, and you feel light on your feet as you walk inside the hangar. 

The smell of fresh-cut grass and jet fuel whirl around the air. The hangar is busy with skydivers packing their parachutes, wrapped in their jumpsuits, and in a very animated tone recalling their last jump. Pictures of skydivers line the wall, the music plays, and you become fully immersed and welcomed into this culture as if you were a long-lost friend. 

Learn how to pack a parachute at WNY Skydiving

Training, Gearing Up, and The Airplane Ride

You bond with the others in training and start suiting up as your new friend, aka instructor, guides you into the harness and final preparations of the jump. You rehearse the jump as your heart is in your throat, and your instructor reminds you to breathe – which you will learn, is the secret to skydiving!

The sound of the airplane engine nears. You and your instructor walk in unison to the plane and board the cool metal frame and buckle in for take-off. Almost without permission, your heart and mind race. This is a true testament to pushing through the sensory flight or fight mode and convincing yourself that you are about to jump from a plane. 

The hum of the engines becomes one with the background noise, making it seemingly meditative as you gaze out of the window and the earth gets smaller and smaller. Almost suddenly, the instructor chimes in to review the skydive and makes the final preparations. Before you know it, they’re attaching the harness to their system and doing their final checks. 

Before the next step, the instructor asks, “Are you ready to skydive?” Almost invariably, with your heart in the full race mode, you say, “YES!” The plane door whoosh’s open, and if you thought you were calm then, the open door in flight makes everything very real. You and your instructor wiggle and waddle towards the door as you watch those before you jump and drop out of sight, almost feeling like you already made the jump as your heart drops with them. 

The Skydive & Parachute

The final moment arrives. The wind envelopes your skin and feels like it takes your breath away. In a single moment, you and your instructor lean in, then out, and the sound of freefall engulfs your ears. Your heart feels like it stops, and all of the sudden, the wind hugs you. It’s not the feeling of a rollercoaster. It’s so much more because after exiting the plane, you look out and you aren’t falling, you’re flying! 

Then, the instructor deploys the parachute, and the rushing sound of freefall stills to a gentle breeze, and time stops. You look out to the scenery below. A picture you may have seen before looks totally different suspended under the colorful fabric. The world looks different as you look around in wonderment and feel butterflies as the parachute turns and floats you back to planet earth. 

You did it, you made a skydive and in the most positive way ever, you will never be the same!

What Skydiving Feels Like | WNY Skydiving

What Our Customers Say

Don’t just take our word for it as to how skydiving feels. Here’s what a few of our guests had to say! 

Steve Prigg

Local Guide · 192 reviews · 148 photos

7 months ago

WNY Skydiving staff was very available via phone and did an excellent job showing me the ropes. The jump was breathtaking. You can read and watch videos but you will never know what it’s really like until you make the jump. My instructor did an exceptional job from start to finish and landed us without a bump. I highly recommend WNY Skydiving. I’m already planning my second jump. Top-notch service and people.

Lisa Marino

5 reviews

9 months ago

I love this place! It’s a great place to either learn to be a skydiver or simply do a tandem. All the instructors are great and the people that work there are amazing! They truly are dedicated to your safety and your overall experience…it’s exciting, exhilarating, and the craziest and most fun thing you will ever do! I super suggest that you spend the extra money and get the video and stills package! I look at mine all the time and can’t wait for my next jump!  Yay for Blue Skies!?

Leroy Moore

1 review · 4 photos

a year ago

Had an amazing time on our first tandem jumps with Tim and Wesley!  The entire staff was very friendly and supportive and made it an absolutely incredible experience.  They did a great job with the video too.  Definitely planning to jump with them again!!

Leonard Tompkins

2 reviews

8 months ago

Absolutely indescribable! The people are real down-to-earth but professional and thorough. You are in good hands here at WNYSD when you’re ready to touch the clouds and feel absolute freedom!!! I’m going to take the class now – I HAVE to!! Lol. Trust me you’ll want to too!

All the Feels?

If you’re ready to get that skydive feeling on, then give us a call or click. We love welcoming people to this incredible sport and community! 

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