Skydiving Training

As the premier skydiving training center in Western New York, WNY Skydiving offers a variety of advanced skydiving training courses throughout the year, including canopy courses, skydiving instructor courses, parachute rigging and packing, and wingsuit flying for experienced jumpers.


Skydiving Canopy Course

Come learn how to better fly your parachute and work on your performance in a safe environment with world class instructors. We offer the Flight-1 courses for every skill level.


Parachute Packing Course

If you’re going to jump, you need to learn how to pack. We can teach you!


Senior Parachute Rigger Course

Interested in learning how to pack reserve parachutes and become an FAA certified parachute rigger? We can train you in all the areas you will need, including packing, gear maintenance and minor repairs.


Skydiving Instructor Course

Want to pass on lessons that you have learned to new skydivers? This is not only a great way to give back to skydiving but it’s also one of the best learning experiences you can have! Read about how becoming a skydiving instructor changed one woman’s life!


Skydiving Tandem Instructor Course

Looking for the ultimate rush? Want to strap complete strangers to you and jump out of a plane with them? This is the course for you!


WNY Wingsuit School

Want to soar through the air like a bird? Learn to fly a wingsuit! Schedule lessons with one of our experienced wingsuit instructors to start learning this exciting discipline. Learn more on our WNY Wingsuit School page.


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