7 Ways Skydiving Can Change Your Life

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Can skydiving change your life? Yes, we’re confident enough in the power of skydiving that we’ll answer this question definitively. Skydiving will change your life in a multitude of ways, from your outlook on life’s purpose to gaining a supportive community and finding peace in everyday challenges. Let’s jump into the top 7 ways that skydiving will change your life!

1. Gain New Perspective

“Skydiving changed my life” is the number one statement we hear from new and veteran jumpers! When you go tandem skydiving and experience the true freedom of flight for the first time, you’ll realize it is emotional freedom just as much as physical. The problems that hinder your everyday life simply don’t exist in the air – gaining physical distance from them provides a new perspective, making them seem much, much smaller and easier to take on! Why do you think skydivers are some of the chillest people ever!? We genuinely forget about our problems because we’re too busy being in the moment and jumping! This brings us to our next point…

gaining new perspective through skydiving

2. Increased Confidence

Conquering fears increases self-confidence. When you rise above your fear and meet the moment, you teach your brain to switch off the constant worries and “what ifs” and change them into “hey, I can do this!” When you skydive, you accomplish something that the majority of people will never experience, and succeed at it! It is a uniquely empowering feeling – and best yet, you carry the revelation that YOU CAN into your everyday life. 

3. Throw Your Fear Out The Window (Or The Door Of Our Plane!!)

Skydiving forces you to conquer your fears, because guess what? No one can force you to jump except yourself. That’s right … when your tandem instructor looks at you in the plane and says, “are you ready to skydive?” you have to make the conscious decision to say yes. 

Once your first jump is completed (woop woop!), you continue to conquer fear throughout the entirety of your time in the sport. Scared you’ll embarrass yourself by face planting a landing while earning your wings? You’ve got this – send it! Nervous you’ll wait too long in the door once you’re an experienced jumper and get reprimanded for it? Hey, we’ve all been there. Every single jump allows you to look your fears right in the face and say “ha! I’m bigger than that.”

4. A Clear Path For Improvement

One of the most beautiful (and important) things about skydiving is that the learning never, EVER, stops. Once you have the basics of body flight down, there are different disciplines you can delve into. From free-flying, improving parachute skills to making formations (CRW or XRW), turning points in freefall, swooping, and even pursuing the route of being an instructor, there is always something to grow into and build upon. 

WNY Skydivers

5. Discover A New Passion 

Many people jump to either a) check “go skydiving” off their bucket list (this is the “one and done” skydiver), or b) explore how it feels to do something CrAzY (and then get bitten by the skydiving bug!). Those who fall in love with the sport of skydiving open the door to a new and super enriching passion! Every skydiver discovers new things about themselves, from the way they learn and progress to the way they handle constructive feedback. You can’t know that there’s a little skydiver inside of you just dying to get out until you give it a shot!! 

6. Others > Self

You likely already know that skydivers tend to put others before themselves (because we’re awesome), but did you know that a way that we actively do this is through our pursuit of different ratings? Once you’re a licensed jumper, the possibilities of playing a role in the advancement of the sport are endless. In short, you can become a coach; an instructor for Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD), Accelerated Freefall (AFF), or Static Line; a rigger (Senior or Master); a tandem instructor; a Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA) … the list goes on! 

7. Friends To Family

We saved this point for last because it is debatably the most important. The skydiving community hands down, 100%, includes some of the best humans in all the world. Our community stretches from our home DZ to dropzones across the country, and then around the world! We are all such individuals on the surface, but our passion and respect for our sport transcends our differences and bonds us together, far and wide. 

We regularly come together in celebration of our sport and our community through a variety of events, like boogies (basically super groovy skydiving parties), skill-based camps, and groups that join like-minded jumpers, such as Skydivers Supporting Sobriety (SSS). When you pursue the sport of skydiving and join our global community, you’ll experience friendship and support that is unmatched. People are genuinely excited to watch your progression and share their passion with you! It’s legit the coolest thing EVER. 

Book your first skydive today and say “YES” to a new lease on life! Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions! Blue skies!

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