Skydiving – A Life Changing Experience

Sunday, December 15, 2019

The world is full of exciting things to try out. Down through the years – and particularly in recent times – humans have dreamt up all manner of clever contraptions to fling themselves about the place at great speed in search of thrills and excitement. Since its inception, skydiving has always held a particular place in people’s minds as something that everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. Why is this? Let’s have a little look…

What is a Life-Changing Experience?

Some things that happen in life that count as before and after moments – important milestones in your time as a human that stick out as particular achievements – as things you will look back on for the rest of forever and always include in your personal highlight reel. These can be things you have worked hard to achieve, with hours upon hours of practice spent to achieve a particular goal – like mastering an instrument or running a marathon. They could be things you are lucky enough to get to see by being in the right place at the right time – like a pod of whales or the Northern Lights. Or it can mean facing up to something that is scary and then doing it anyway – like wrestling an alligator or going skydiving. However these challenges are presented to us throughout our lives, experiencing them is what helps us to grow as people – and help us to become more than we were before.  

Skydiving - A Life Changing Experience | WNY Skydiving

How Skydiving Can Change Your Life

Why is jumping out of an airplane so high up on so many people’s bucket list? The truth is the sensation and experience of freefall is simply not like anything else. Although humans are not designed to fly, skydiving seems to speak to us on a primal level. There is something that feels incredibly natural about the intense speed created using only gravity and the weight of your body that sets the experience apart from other extreme sports and adrenaline based activities. When you go to do your first skydive you may well be nervous – possibly very nervous – but the second you step out through the door of the plane and into the sky it just feels right. Despite all the worrying you did about it beforehand, at that moment any fear you had is all gone – what you are left with is the immensity of the sky and the sense of total freedom. It is like seeing the world for the first time in high definition. It feels like everything in your life have brought youth this moment and from here on out nothing will be the same ever again. It is every dream about flying you ever had.

In the grand scheme of things humans have not been flying for very long at all, and we are tremendously lucky that jumping out of an airplane for fun is something that we get to do. The only thing better than the experience of skydiving is sharing those feelings and memories with other people close to you. Going to the dropzone with friends and family adds more to what is an amazing and life-enhancing adventure.  

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