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What To Know Before You Arrive

So you want to know how to prepare for skydiving. Here are our best tips!

When Should I Arrive?

Arrival time is based on your scheduled class time. When determining how to prepare for skydiving on the day you’re scheduled, please consider your class time. We ask that first time skydiving students arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class time. Students should have their online waiver (link in your confirmation email) completed prior to arrival. Upon arrival, students will sign in with our manifest staff and begin the check-in process. Check-in takes approximately 10 minutes. Following check-in, students will begin their pre-jump training class.

How long Does it Take?

Skydiving is a half-day process. Following your training class, students will be assigned a jumping order based on their arrival and class time. We strongly encourage all students to make a day out of their skydiving experience. Come out and spend your entire day at the dropzone with us. Between the completion of your training class and the time you actually jump, you can kick back and enjoy watching the skydiving activities.

WNY Skydiving is a full-service skydiving center catering not only to tandem skydiving students. Licensed jumpers with their own equipment, as well as people learning how to skydive on their own will also be around to observe and chat with.

Happy tandem student stick out tongue with stoke on airplane.
Why Starting Out Tandem Is a Good Idea
Smiling tandem student steers canopy.

What Should I Bring?

Anyone jumping needs to bring government-issued photo identification such as a Passport or Driver’s License. You will need this in order to check in with the manifest. Please bring your ID INTO the building to check in! No one will be permitted to jump without a valid photo ID. You will also need to be wearing sneakers to make a skydive!

Following your training class, there will be a waiting period before you actually jump. During this time, feel free to make use of our picnic area! There are picnic tables available (though seating can be limited), so students are welcome to bring their own camp or lounge chairs, coolers (please no alcohol), and shade umbrellas. Bring your own snacks and beverages or have food delivered to the airport! Avanti Pizza – located in Albion, NY – will deliver directly to our airport! Please note that alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted for students. We also recommend students bring something for entertainment while you wait, especially if you’re jumping with a larger group.

Can I Bring Spectators?

Yes! Students are welcome to bring spectators to enjoy the experience with you! Please be aware that WNYSkydiving is located at an active airport. Please remind all spectators to remain within the fenced in viewing area at all times. Paved surfaces are aircraft movement areas and spectators should not be in these areas at any time. Service animals are of course always welcome. Please leave other furry friends at home.

What About the Weather?

Skydiving is a weather-dependent sport and there are a variety of conditions we will look at to determine whether or not jumping is possible on a given date. We are not able to jump in high winds or through solid layers of clouds. If we determine that weather does not permit jumping on the date you are scheduled, you will have up to 1 year to reschedule your skydive. Please note that all jumps are nonrefundable. Learn about the Best Time of Day to Skydive or the Benefits of Skydiving in Fall too!

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