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Tandem Skydiving Prices

Tandem - Individual pricing $349Book
Tandem - Group Rate 5-9 people $329 per person**Book
Tandem - Group Rate: 10+people $309 per person**Book

**About Group Rates & Group Bookings

The hardest part of scheduling a large group is coordinating payment. Our online booking service simplifies this for you. All group rates are applied on the day of your jump – which means you don’t need to wait for a commitment from the whole group in order to start the booking process. Simply book YOUR jump and share your group event with friends and family via email or Facebook.

You can also tell friends your group number (provided in your confirmation email) and they can add themselves to your group. This allows your group to continue growing until 48 hours prior to your reservation. When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, the best discount rate will be applied. A refund for the discounted amount will be credited back to your account. Group discounts may also be applied toward additional purchases of video and/or photos packages, as well as other merchandise purchases.

WNYSKydiving COVID-19 Policies for tandem Skydiving students

In order to make a tandem skydive at WNYSkydiving, ALL students are REQUIRED to agree to the following policies, procedures, and restrictions related to COVID-19.  Students will need to agree to these terms and conditions when completing their reservation.

  • Students are advised to remain in the groups they arrived with and maintain distance from others as much as possible while waiting for their skydive.
  • Students agree to practice good hygiene including hand washing, especially before and after contact with commonly touched surfaces or shared items including but not limited to clipboards, pens, paperwork, counters/tables, door handles, and light switches.
  • If I fail to comply with these policies, I understand that I will be asked to leave WNYSkydiving whether I have completed my skydive or not and that I will forfeit any purchase(s) I have made.

additional Terms & Conditions

  • Every person making a jump MUST be at least 18 years old on the day of their jump. Government-issued photo ID (drivers license/passport) will be required on the day of your jump.
  • Please be prepared to be at the dropzone AT LEAST HALF THE DAY (6+ hours) – but it’s best to just enjoy the experience and make a full day of it!
  • All jumps are NONREFUNDABLE – however, jumps may be transferred with authorization from the original purchaser. We require 24 HOURS NOTICE to reschedule a jump. Failure to appear for your scheduled class time will result in forfeiture of your reservation.  In the event we are unable to jump due to inclement weather, you will have up to 1 year from your original reservation date to reschedule.
  • Every person making a jump must weigh NO MORE THAN 235 lbs at the time of their jump. Students must be height/weight proportionate to ensure proper harness fitting.
  • Students and spectators are NOT permitted to bring pets to the airport. Service animals are ok.
  • Consumption of alcohol on the property is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN during jumping hours. This applies to both students and spectators. Students should NOT consume alcohol within 8 hours prior to arriving for their jump.

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