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Learn to Skydive Solo

Learn How to Fly Solo with the AFF Course

Once you have finished your First Jump Course and completed your advanced training tandem, you are ready to make that milestone first jump with your own parachute. At WNYSkydiving, we call this jump your Parachute Orientation Jump. It is a category A Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) jump.

Following your parachute orientation jump, you’ll begin your 7-jump Accelerated Free Fall course. During AFF you will learn – with instructors at your side to help – the fundamental life-saving skydiving skills which all additional skydiving training will build upon.

The first jump in the program consists of jumping with two instructors that act as “smart training wheels” in the air. They will exit the plane holding on to you and help you maintain stability in the air. Your instructors will give hand signals as necessary in order to help correct your body position in freefall (if need be). Finally, your instructors will remain by your side until it is time to deploy your parachute and assist you if necessary.

As you progress through the 7-jump AFF course, you will learn a variety of in-air skills, such as:

  • Different methods of exiting the aircraft
  • Basic freefall maneuvers, including turns and forward motions
  • Performing front flips, backflips, and barrel rolls on your own

Once you have successfully completed this portion of the training, you are ready to move on to the final part of getting your “A” license: the Skydiving Coach Program.

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