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WNY Wingsuit School will train you to become a wingsuit pilot. If you are interested in flying wingsuits, we can work with you, after you get off student status, to get you ready for your first flight.

WNY wingsuit academy logoWhen you’re experienced enough to begin flying a wingsuit, WNY Wingsuit School will help you select one of our introductory suits to use, we will provide the necessary ground training, including safety procedures, gear requirements, flight path and numerous other considerations that come into play when you start flying a wingsuit.

Our instructors will give classes almost every weekend at WNY Skydiving at the Pine Hill airport, but they are also willing to travel to other dropzones and teach first flight classes at your facility if there are enough interested students.

We can help you make the right selection when you’re ready to buy a wingsuit and we have Tony Suit dealers on staff. We also buy and sell used wingsuits.

Flying a wingsuit is an exhilarating experience but it requires the right level of experience, the proper equipment and quality training.

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