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Learn to Skydive Cost & Program Information:

Have you wondered what is involved in the cost to learn to skydive? Below is a breakdown of the entire student licensing program including all of the costs along the way.

From Tandem level 1 through the last jump in the coach package, the information below details the number of jumps and total costs for each step in the student program. The pricing and packages below do not reflect added costs for students that need to repeat jumps based on performance or recurrency jumps.

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Learn to Skydive: Cost for A License Program

**This total does not include re-currency jumps or jumps that must be repeated based on student performance.

If you are interested in making a second tandem jump but do NOT wish to become a licensed skydiver, please call to book your second jump! 716-597-7393

Tandem Level 1
Spring Sale Rate
From $225
First Jump Course - This package includes your 8 hour ground school course, a log book, and your own skydiving goggles.
This course is scheduled on Fridays from 10AM-4PM
Advanced Training Tandem - In order to complete the advanced training tandem jump, you must have completed a level 1 tandem within the last year and a first jump course. In order to qualify for the tandem level 2 discount, your last jump must have been made at WNYSkydiving as this is a returning customer discount.
Spring Sale Rate
Parachute Orientation Jump - The student will climbout of the aircraft with assistance by an instructor. The student exits the aircraft solo with the parachute deploying immediately. $175
Advanced Training Tandem & Parachute Orientation Jump Package - Save $22 when purchasing these two jumps together. $410
AFF Package - This package includes your 7 AFF jumps (3 jumps with 2 instructors and 4 single instructor jumps), all ground training, and all gear rentals. This package does not include jumps that must be repeated based on student performance or recurrency jumps. Students must make at least 1 jump every 30 days to remain current however students should plan to make multiple jumps per weekend. AFF jumps will only be available on Saturdays & Sundays.
Cash Discount $2250
Parachute Packing Class - This package includes 2 introductory packing lessons with hands on practice. Sessions will be 2 hours each. $155
Coach Package - This package includes the 15 required coach jumps. This package does not include jumps that may need to be repeated based on student performance. Students must complete a minimum of 25 jumps to obtain their A license. Any repeated jumps or additional jumps needed to complete the A license can be paid for individually based on each student's individual needs.
Cash Discount $2625

Before Beginning the A License Program

Before you enroll in your first jump course, please understand these essential facts. Skydiving demands considerable dedication, not just from students but also from the instructors supporting them. Tandem jumps afford flexibility, available virtually any day or time throughout the week.

This dynamic shifts once you embark on the accelerated freefall (AFF) program. Commencing AFF requires freeing up at least the initial few weekends. The initial student jumps necessitate the presence of two instructors and are exclusively scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Following these initial two-instructor jumps, scheduling solo-instructor AFF jumps on weekdays might be feasible. Ensure you can dedicate full days to the dropzone during several weekends after completing your first jump course, accounting for potential weather-related delays.

Beyond the time investment, mastering skydiving involves a substantial financial commitment. Confirm your ability to commit to completing the program once initiated. Many students accomplish their license over one to two months. Prepare to acquire both your AFF block and Coach block within a brief timeframe. Note that the United States Parachute Association mandates students to jump at least every 30 days to maintain currency. We encourage more frequent jumping, with our students typically completing 1-3 jumps per day every weekend.


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