The Best Skydiving Views in NY State – Niagara Falls, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Buffalo!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

You’ve decided it’s finally time. You’re going to start doing some things – like skydiving near Niagara Falls – you’ve been talking about it for years. No longer are you saying “One day I’m going to…________ “ 

Guess what? The time is now.

You’re reading this because you’re ready to make a skydive and you want to have the best skydiving experience possible. Welcome friend. You’ve come to the right place!

WNY takes you skydiving near Niagara Falls, Lake

WNY Skydiving’s goal is to provide you with the most awesome first tandem jump – and that goes well beyond an exit, free fall and landing. We have so much more to offer. Here’s what you can expect when you join us in the friendly skies: 

Location, Location, Location = Amazing Skydiving Views

When you think of Albion, NY you may not think of world-class views. And you’d be right. That is IF skydiving took place from the ground! Once you get above the treeline though, the beauty of our surroundings comes into view. And we really have it all. Here’s what you can expect to see on your flight to jump altitude: 

To Our West – Niagara Falls Skydiving

As the crow flies, Niagara Falls is less than a half hour’s drive from our dropzone. This allows us to visibly see the incredible mists and energy created by one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Skydiving near Niagara Falls is possible – so pop on board with us and be amazed.

Pro Tip: Try to schedule your skydive as late in the afternoon as possible to see Niagara Falls at sunset – it’s spectacular!

Niagara Falls skydiving will allow you to see the mists from the falls.

To Our North – Lake Ontario

A quick nine minute drive to the north will have you on the shores of Lake Ontario. Seeing this beautiful expanse of water with the contrasting fall leaves on the land is simply stunning and a sight to behold.

To Our East – Rochester Skydiving Views

WNY Skydiving calls the city of Rochester home – and with it, its lovely skyline. Seeing the city’s buildings glint in the sunlight from freefall is amazing – especially if you’re from the NY area. It’s also really cool to see Rochester from an altitude of 10,000 feet to appreciate a new perspective. 

Back to the West – Skydiving Buffalo and Lake Erie

Our view of downtown Buffalo is extraordinary, with the stunning waters of Lake Erie serving as its backdrop. Your tandem instructor will help you spot iconic sites from the air like New Era Field (home of the Buffalo Bills), the Liberty Building and the Buffalo And Erie County Naval and Military Park

ou can tell, the views from our lovely NY location are pure eye candy. Skydiving Niagara Falls to our west, Rochester to the east, Buffalo to the west.. On a clear spring or fall day, it’s even possible to glimpse downtown Toronto, silhouetted in the setting sun…

Most Excellent Service 

As our Google reviews demonstrate, we are committed to outstanding service – because we believe a great skydiving experience goes beyond the skydive itself. To have the opportunity to give someone a day they will never forget is something we take very seriously (while having fun, of course).

Skydiving is also an intimidating thing to do, and we recognize many of our guests arrive at our dropzone feeling nervous. We recognize it’s important for you to feel welcome and part of the family – because when you leave again, we want you to feel utterly victorious and fantastic about your skydive.

Victorious skydiver after successful tandem skydiving landing

A Culture of Safety

To enjoy your skydiving experience, you need to feel confident. We know that much of that confidence comes from trusting that your skydiving operator is experienced and focused on maintaining a strong safety culture. WNY Skydiving is the most experienced operator in the region, and we’ve earned a strong and positive reputation for our approach to operating a super safe dropzone. Our owner, Tim fell in love with skydiving many years ago and his passion still burns bright for the sport. As an instructor himself, Tim loves sharing his sport with all who visit the dropzone. 

Join Us in the Sky!

If you’ve been googling “niagara falls skydiving” or “skydiving buffalo”, it probably means you’re searching for a skydiving experience in the NY area that encompasses stunning views, a professional dropzone, and a great free fall experience.

We provide all that and hope you’ll choose us as we invite you to experience our unique brand of skydiving that showcases the very best the region has to offer. See you at the dropzone!  

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