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Skydiving Gear for sale

Our staff has a vast knowledge of equipment available in the skydiving industry. Whether you are looking to buy a complete rig or a new main, we can help you make the best decision for you. WNY Skydiving has dealerships for many of the most popular manufacturers. If you’re looking for used gear, our staff will help you ask the right questions before buying. We will also be happy to inspect your new gear!


If you’re a licensed skydiver, here are the jump prices for you. Need a re-currency jump or looking for coaching? We can help! Please call 716-597-7393 for pricing and additional information.

Block Rates Available – call for pricing

Licensed Skydiver Pricing

Full Altitude - 6,000ft -14,000ft
Caravan or C182
Hop & Pop - up to 6,000ft
Caravan or C182
C182 Hop & Pop - up to 3,500ft
only available in C182

Skydiving Gear Rental

WNY Skydiving has a variety of rental gear available. We have three complete student rigs available for rental. WNY Wingsuit School also has rental wingsuits available. Wingsuit rental is also based upon jumper experience, skill, and currency. For more information please call 716-597-7393.

Student Rig Rental Pricing

Student Rig Rental $35/jump

Experienced Jumper Rig Rental Pricing

**Our student rigs are available to be rented by licensed jumpers when not in use by coach/AFF students. The following rental rigs are available.

Navigator 200 (176 reserve) - Icon - harness sized for 5'4" 130lbs. $35/jump
Navigatory 220 (218 reserve) - Vector Student adjustable harness (S1) $35/jump
Navigator 240 (218 reserve) - Vector Student adjustable harness (S2) $35/jump
Navigator 280 (260 reserve) - Vector Student adjustable harness (S3) $35/jump

Wingsuit Rental Cost

**Wingsuit rental is included in the cost of any WNY Wingsuit School course!


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