First Jump Course & Parachute Packing Class

Hands-on Training For Solo Flight

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First Jump Course = Classroom + Hands-on Learning

Following the successful completion of your Tandem Skydive Level 2, you are ready to move on to your First Jump Course!

This is an 8-hour training, broken into self-study, classroom, and physical demonstration / hands-on learning sections. Your first jump course will be purchased as part of your complete AFF package. You will also need to complete a Parachute Packing Class. If you are going to obtain your skydiving license, it is critical that you get familiar with how your gear works. The packing class helps to increase your familiarity with the skydiving gear and prepares you to pack your own parachute.

WNY Skydiving will provide you with the information you need to go over the basics on your own. You will also be directed to Skydive School and asked to review particular sections. When you are comfortable with this new information, it’s time to schedule classroom time.

During the classroom portion of this course, a USPA-rated instructor will review all of the information you’ve learned on your own. This information will then be expanded upon to cover everything you need to know to make your first jump with your own parachute. Your instructor will test and confirm that you understand everything necessary to begin your solo skydiving career!


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