All About AFF Skydiving

Saturday, February 22, 2020

If you loved your first tandem skydive so much that you just have to do it again, you have officially started down the path to learn to skydive that will take you from tandem student to “A” licensed skydiver. You’re also in luck: WNY Skydiving is the finest skydiving training center of Western New York and we provide a comprehensive, reasonably-priced program to get you flying solo.

What is AFF?

The most fun, most efficient way to learn how to skydive is through the program known as Accelerated Freefall (abbreviated “AFF”). AFF is the quickest, most modern route to becoming a knowledgeable , competent, independent solo skydiver. This method of skydiving certification meets all the requirements to certify you to jump without an instructor at most of the world’s skydiving dropzones, so you can take your skydiving adventure around the world. 

All About AFF Skydiving | WNY Skydiving

How Long Does AFF Take?

Here at Western New York Skydiving, the training progression at our dropzone starts with two tandem skydives where you’ll assist with different aspects of each jump. Then, you’ll move into our day-long First Jump Course and Packing Class, where you’ll learn everything you need to get started in solo skydiving including how to pack your main parachute. After the class, you’ll enter the AFF program which is composed of seven unique levels, each building on the skills of the previous jump. Generally, people complete the seven jumps over the course of a few months but some do it faster and others take a little more time. 

What is Included in the Cost of AFF?

Your training, jump, and gear are all included in the price of each jump. Each AFF level has its own cost (click here to get pricing details) and is designed to be one jump that requires about 45 minutes of training. After successfully performing the objectives of each level, you’ll move on to the next level. All you really need to do is come prepared for an adventure you’ll never forget!

All About AFF Skydiving | WNY Skydiving

I’ve Completed AFF, Now What?

After completing all of the required skills, you’ll move into our Skydiving Coach Program, which is the final portion of your training leading to your “A” license. During this section of your training, you’ll jump with coaches or instructors who will prepare you for more advanced freefall control. Essentially, you’ll learn the skills needed to skydive with other solo jumpers. Also, your education in flying a parachute will also continue. At the end of our Skydiving Coach Program, you will be ready to make your “A” license check skydive and will officially graduate from the student program as a licensed skydiver!

While your friends are tandem skydiving, you’ll be jumping out of airplanes with your very own parachute. Talk about bragging rights! Think you’re ready to experience human flight as a solo jumper? Call us to get started on your AFF adventure! 

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