How to Strike Skydiving Off Your Bucket List

Thursday, January 30, 2020

If skydiving is on your bucket list, then this is your year to strike it off! Tandem skydiving is the easiest and most popular way to do just that. You’ll be securely attached to one of our highly trained, licensed and experienced instructors who will help you exit our aircraft at 10,000 ft and the two of you will accelerate to more than 120 mph in freefall! When the parachute opens, you and your instructor will steer the parachute back to our landing area. Doesn’t that sound like an exhilarating way to cross off a bucket list item? When trying to decide where you should go for this once in a lifetime experience, we’ve put together a few tips you’ll want to consider so you have the best experience possible.

Do Select a Facility that Offers Quality Training

The training process to get you started down the path of striking skydiving off your bucket list is very simple but you’ll want to choose a facility that offers quality training. When you arrive at our facility, you will sign in, watch a short video and fill out paperwork (everyone’s favorite thing is paperwork, right?). At this point, you will be introduced to your tandem skydiving instructor who will then take you through a 30-minute pre-jump training class. This will cover everything you need to know to make your first jump! You will be taught about the basic freefall body position, basic airport and aircraft safety, and how to fly and land the parachute. You’ll also get a chance to check out our state-of-the-art tandem skydiving equipment, learn about the harness you will be wearing and the parachute system used for your jump.

Don’t Choose a Facility Based on the Cheapest Price

If you needed surgery, would you look for a surgeon with the lowest price? Probably not. You get what you pay for, right? The same goes for skydiving. While it may be tempting to snatch up the cheapest deal out there, you want to choose a facility that may cost a little more simply because they are more likely to have higher quality equipment, better-maintained aircraft and add-on options such as photos and video. Speaking of video . . .

How to Strike Skydiving Off Your Bucket List | WNY Skydiving

Do Select a Facility that Offers Video

You only get one chance to make your very first tandem skydive. At WNY Skydiving, we understand how important it is to capture the thrill and excitement of that experience on video to share with friends and family. As skydivers, we all remember that first jump and cherish the skydiving videos and photos that document that important initial step in our journey. Whether you make one jump or a thousand – we consider videos or photos a MUST so you can show friends and family that you really did cross skydiving off your bucket list!

Are you ready to make the big leap? If so, we are here to guide you through the entire experience – from providing pre-jump training through exit, freefall, piloting the canopy to that high-five after you land. We’d love to help you experience the thrill and excitement of crossing skydiving off your bucket list here at Western New York Skydiving. Book with us today!

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