How to Strike Skydiving Off Your Bucket List

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Whether it’s the New Year or your new year (happy birthday!), sometimes there’s an undeniable sense of renewal hanging in the air. Has there ever been a better time to check off some bucket list skydiving? We think not! 

Skydiving takes the cake for exhilarating bucket list ideas. Are there ways to spice it up even more? Of course! Let’s dive into some skydiving bucket list ideas and simultaneously answer the question, “How do I prepare myself for skydiving?” (AKA, the best time of your life)!

Is Skydiving A Bucket List Item? 

Yes – skydiving is a very popular bucket list item! This sentiment may be strongly inspired by the film, The Bucket List. 

But, did they actually skydive in The Bucket List? So, there is skydiving in the film – a fantastic representation of our innate human desire to get the most out of life – but neither Morgan Freeman nor Jack Nicholson performed the jumps. And two things that were portrayed were not accurate to real-life skydiving. First, you can’t converse in freefall; the wind is way too loud for anyone to hear you. Second, for safety purposes, tandem skydiving pairs are not permitted to fly in close proximity. 

BUT, if you’re wondering, “Can I skydive with my friends?” Of course, you can! Just not at the same time. (That is until you learn to skydive solo.)

How to Strike Skydiving Off Your Bucket List | WNY Skydiving

Let’s get into our top five skydiving bucket list must-dos! 

1. A Tandem Skydive! 

Booking your tandem skydive is the first step. This may seem pretty straightforward, but it can be a cause to pause because of the intimidation factor – half the battle is committing to doing the dang thing. We suggest writing out a physical bucket list for yourself, this way the tasks seem a bit more achievable and less daunting. You can even have, “Book a tandem skydive!” and, “Go skydiving!” as two separate tasks. 

Are there any other things like skydiving out there? Not quite. And while we suggest having tons of exciting endeavors on your bucket list, there’s nothing out there that can take the place of skydiving. 

2. Don’t Skimp On The Video 

Even if you go on to get your solo skydiving license (see must-do #5!), you will never get your first skydive back. This is obvious, but we can take for granted that you can only do your first skydive once. Don’t want you walking away with any regrets!

Having a video of your skydive lets you relive the experience anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to show your friends (and perfect strangers), which can be a catalyst in them booking their skydiving adventure. 

3. Research Some Cool Captions

We are living in the age of social media, which is another reason to get the video. Here’s the scene: You’re hurtling through the sky, surrounded by big, fluffy clouds, with a grin a mile-wide pasted across your face. You can’t speak, but you want to let the videographer (and all those waiting for your sick pics!) what you’re thinking or feeling. How can you do this? Write something on your hands! Some of our top suggestions are: 

“Hi Mom” 


“Sent It!”

When you get your photos and video, you won’t want to waste time coming up with a caption to go along with them – have one prepared beforehand! Here’s some of our faves: 

This is your sign to go skydiving. 

Out for a stroll (casual). 

Blue skies!

Best day EVER. 

Female tandem student in yellow shirt throws the piece sign on the walk to board the aircraft.

4. Skydive With Friends

Doing a full-send with your pals from the wide open door of a perfectly good airplane will be a core memory for your friend group. Because safety is our top priority, skydiving directly alongside your friends while doing a tandem is impossible. But, this just makes the experience that much more intimate and personally-elevating. Imagine arriving at the dropzone, getting briefed, taking the ride to altitude, and celebrating at the end with your closest supporters – you can’t beat the hype. 

Be the friend that makes the idea actually leave the group chat! 

5. Get Licensed! 

We’re pretty confident you’ll want to soar the skies solo after experiencing the freedom of flight during your tandem skydive. Skydiving solo opens the door to an endless amount of opportunity. Whether you decide to progress through the sport slowly, quickly, alongside your buddies, or solo, it’s bound to be the most challenging and rewarding endeavor of your life. Joining the skydiving community immediately envelops you in a space of support, constant growth, and the happiest vibes you could ever imagine. 

Whether you work your way through these five steps, or just complete #1, we’re proud of you! Once you’re committed to your big day, be sure you know what to avoid before skydiving. We have some pro tips to ensure you come prepared and keep a smile on your face all day: eat something before your jump; stay hydrated (note: absolutely no alcohol); dress appropriately, and have open communication with your instructor about any concerns you have. We’re all about prioritizing your safety while boosting your confidence! 

We’re pumped to help you find your best self and knock skydiving clean off your bucket list – book your jump today! Blue skies!

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