Top Tips To Prepare For Your First Tandem Jump

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Tandem skydiving has been a thing now since the early eighties, and across the decades has been refined into a very efficient and accessible way to go skydiving for the first time. On the day of your jump, you complete a short briefing with your instructor that contains the important stuff you need to know and do – then you get some gear on and are ready to go. Simple! Pretty much, but there are a few things that you can do to be sure you are set up correctly to experience what might be the best thing ever. Let’s see… 

Get Some Sleep

It is very natural to be anxious about the idea of jumping out of an airplane for the first time – lying there in the dark with your monkey brain telling you over and over that is wrong and scary. Try to relax. Skydiving is a sport that we do all day long, and as soon as you are here you will see this in action. As you go through the steps to get ready you will feel better and better about it – watching other people land, going through the briefing, and getting your gear. Gradually the anxiety will turn to excitement – so try to let this happen nice and early. Don’t be nervous, be thrilled about what you are about to do – it cannot happen soon enough and a good night’s sleep is a time machine to tomorrow.      

Top Tips To Prepare For Your First Tandem Jump | WNY Skydiving

Have A Decent Breakfast

People are often concerned that falling at terminal velocity is going to give you a sicky feeling akin to being on a rollercoaster, but this is not so. You do indeed accelerate to 120mph, but it only feels natural and amazing – and not like you have left your stomach behind in the plane. Skydiving operations are run to a fairly precise schedule, so you will have a good general idea of when you are going to jump. There is no need to wait until afterwards to have breakfast, and you will enjoy hanging out with us at the dropzone much more if you aren’t getting hangry because you skipped a meal.   

Dress Correctly

Active clothing that you can do sport in is the right kind of thinking. We have jumpsuits that go over your clothes if need be, but if it is warm then what you choose to wear is fine – providing it is the correct choice. Light layers that cover your arms and legs are perfect, and nothing with straps or dangles that could potentially flap about. Shoes need to be closed and must be laced up tight or the wind can remove them in freefall. Losing a shoe is forbidden and if you do it is 99.9% gone forever. Laces are correct. Velcro no. Heels no. Cowboy boots no. Sneakers yes.  

Arrive Early

Getting to the dropzone in plenty of time is the best plan. We are pretty good at keeping things on time, but there are clear advantages to being on-site nice and early. Watching others land is an excellent way to feel more and more positive about what is about to happen to you – as you witness the massive beaming smiles coming from the landing area. Also, you might get to go sooner! Some of the best conditions are first thing in the morning, and feeling extra good for the whole rest of the day adds more to the experience.   

Top Tips To Prepare For Your First Tandem Jump | WNY Skydiving

Bring Some Snacks

Tandem skydiving is an efficient system, but you will be with us for a wee while. Plan to spend half a day on the DZ and pack what you might need in case you get a little hungry and thirsty. The only thing we cannot control is the weather, and sometimes we are required to wait a little bit. Perfect time for snacks. 

Have A Blast

Skydiving is a life-enhancing experience, so be ready. When you leap from the door of an aircraft above 10’000ft you see the world in a totally different way and it can change your life for the better. Any fear you have about jumping gets left behind in the plane, and there is only joy in freefall. Come and join us!    

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