Why is group skydiving so much fun?

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Your first skydive is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You literally will never get that jump back, whether you do 10,000 more skydives or just that one. Sharing that special experience with your closest pals will make it that much better. From saving some green with skydiving group deals to just hanging with your besties before your jump, there are a plethora of reasons to go skydiving with a group.

Group Skydiving Packages

While we could passionately justify that skydiving is a truly priceless activity, we understand the financial commitment behind it, too. One of the main reasons we hear about why people choose not to jump is that it’s too expensive. Luckily, we offer group skydiving packages to help you save some extra moolah, and make it seamless for your group to book tandem jumps through our online system so you don’t have any miscommunications. Plus, carpooling to the dropzone makes the whole experience that much more exciting!

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Skydiving With a Group is Just Easier

As we get older, we experience things for the first time less often. At 40 years old we have fewer “firsts” than we did at 10. For some, the notion of walking into an unfamiliar place with a bunch of crazy people (um, that is … skydivers), is a little nerve-wracking. Wouldn’t you feel ten times more at ease sharing this everything-new experience with people you know?

In skydiving, we celebrate every single one of our firsts, and we have them often. Whether it’s your first tandem, solo skydive, wingsuit jump, stand-up landing, new license, or fresh rating, the skydiving community will enthusiastically cheer you on! You’ll definitely feel the love from the WNY Skydiving team as you sign the waiver, meet your instructor, gear up, and walk to the plane – but nothing tops the feeling of sharing new experiences with friends and loved ones. Looking at one another on the ride to altitude, likely making “here we go!” and “what are we doing?!” faces as the anticipation builds, is simply the best. And selfishly, skydiving with your friends means you win more cool points – and have more witnesses – for your life-changing ride through the sky.

Stories That Last a Lifetime

Skydivers have a reputation for never shutting up about skydiving. Family dinner? Perfect time to talk about my latest exit. Oh, it’s actually your wedding day? Let me tell you about this one time when I was coming in for landing …. You get the point.

Your first jump is something you’ll always feel inclined to share with strangers and friends alike over and over again because it’s sick! It’s something most people don’t have the courage to do, and when you overcome such a significant mental feat like skydiving, it’s a big deal. Sharing the experience with your friends means they will be on the same hype level as you, and you all can geek out together about the bliss of human flight. Unlike your non-skydiving pals, they will truly understand where you’re coming from – and your land-loving friends will be grateful you have someone to compare notes with.

Skydiving Groups: Going Solo

Okay, ya know those cool pictures with like five, 15, or even 50 skydivers all holding hands while soaring through the sky? That could be you and your friends. Once you complete your first tandem, you’re able to continue through our student program, where we’ll teach you how to safely skydive by yourself and with others. You’ll learn how to pack a parachute and eventually will reach the first of four skydiving licenses, the A license. Once you’ve achieved the A license, you’re cleared to safely jump with other licensed skydivers and no longer need any instructor/coach supervision. Imagine going through such an enriching experience with your friends? Unbeatable.

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Grow Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Group skydiving means that everyone will be forced out of their comfort zone at the same time and you won’t have to battle those anxiety-inducing butterflies alone! Although we expect that you’ll properly prepare for jump day, pre-jump jitters are still totally normal. (At least you won’t have to worry about your outfit since you and your friends can rock our stylish jumpsuits together, which happen to make for perfect skydiving photos.) Our videographers understand the importance of capturing the totality of your experience and will be sure to get photos of your group before, during, and after everyone’s jump, which makes priceless souvenirs and social media gold. (Don’t forget to tag us! #wnyskydiving)

Some teams do cheesy trust-building exercises in an office, but we know you and your friends are ready to go bigger (and higher) than that. Jumping out of a plane alongside some of your best buds is the ultimate bonding experience, and we can’t wait to see you all in the sky! Feel free to reach out with questions about our group rates!

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