Are Skydiving Videos Worth It?

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

It is common for people to feel a little sticker shock at the additional cost of adding a video or photo package to their skydive. After having already paid a fair amount for the experience, people tend to wonder: are skydiving videos worth it?

In our mind, there’s no question: yes, skydiving video packages are worth it. Here’s why.

It’s Not Just About the Cool Factor

Let’s face it, skydiving videos and photos are cool. They’ll help you bring in the Facebook likes and Instagram follows far faster than any regular post, but the utility of skydiving video packages far exceeds being social media gold. 

Getting a skydiving video or photo package helps to secure your memories of the experience. As hard as it may be to accept, the simple fact is our memories are flawed: subject to skew and change as we age. Pictures and videos are priceless souvenirs. Like a type of recollection currency, they enable our guests to keep a precious record of the skydiving experience. Even our owner, Tim Allen, who has accrued thousands of jumps, has photos of his very first skydive proudly displayed on the wall of his home.

Trust us, you’ll want to hold on to the memories of your first skydive for years to come. 

Skydiving Videos Camera Man | WNY Skydiving

Video Packages Are A Secret Weapon

The world has a funny way of wearing us down. Everyone has days where our problems feel too big, our accomplishments too small. When you need a confidence boost to tackle whatever obstacles are in your way—look no further than the photos and video you have of your first tandem skydive. 

At one point, chances are you thought going skydiving would be an impossible feat. How would you ever get past your fear? How would you ever have the courage to take that crucial step out of your comfort zone? Well, you did, and your photos and video are proof. When you look at the video of your skydive, you’re tapping into a secret weapon: it’s a reminder of what you are capable of. It’s proof that despite the challenges in your way, anything is possible. 

You Only Have One First Jump

When are you ever going to have a first skydive again? While it seems simple, this sentiment is often overlooked. You only get one first skydive: one seminal experience untouched by prior impressions. That very first skydive is a completely pure experience. This is true whether you continue on with us to earn your skydiving license or never jump again. In the former case, the video package captures a moment in time and preserves it: letting you see where you started and how far you’ve come. In the latter case, when that first jump is your only jump, it’s the only chance you have to record your once-in-a-lifetime achievement!

Skydiving Media Packages At WNY Skydiving

At WNY Skydiving, we have three skydiving media packages to choose from. A skydiving video package for $100, a skydiving photo package for $100, or a premium skydiving video and photo package that combines the best of both worlds for $129. 

With our media packages, your instructor is also your skydiving cameraman. Using a camera set up attached to their hand/wrist allows them to get unique personal shots and up-close video of your skydiving experience. Another benefit of having an instructor that also serves as your skydiving cameraman is the ability to capture video and photos of you while flying beneath the parachute, as this footage is not possible when using an external skydiving cameraman.  

Lights. Camera. Action. It’s time to shine! Add a video package to your skydiving experience today!

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