What to Wear Skydiving

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Great news! What to wear your first time skydiving is close at hand – in fact, you might be wearing the ideal skydiving outfit right now.

Quick tip: “be” two things and “bring” two things. As in, be yourself and be comfortable, and bring your smile (despite your nerves) and your photo ID. OK, let’s get into the specifics of how to dress for your first skydive.

What To Wear Skydiving | WNY Skydiving


Let’s go from the ground up. Athletic footwear is best – no flip flops, sandals, heels, or boots. You’re looking for a secure fit and happy feet. Weather delays may mean you’ll be at the DZ for the better part of the day. Don’t let ill-fitting shoes rain on your parade.


Whatever the temperature on the surface, it’ll be about 30 degrees cooler at altitude. Layer up!

Close-fitting activewear is perfect. Leggings or longer shorts are ideal on the bottom, and jeans work too. On top, plan on long sleeves for warmth or, in Summer, to keep the sun at bay. Add a layer or two of thermals if it’s 60 or below.

Adrenaline will keep your blood pumping while you’re sky-high, but if it’s cold out you’ll want a coat for the ground. You might consider packing an extra set of clothes too in case all that adrenaline makes you sweaty.

Pre-COVID, we provided guests (who wanted one) with skydiving jumpsuits – a service we’ve had to suspend in the interest of health and safety. Having your own clothes to wear skydiving has always been an option; the absence of the jumpsuit does not affect how the tandem skydiving harness works.

What To Wear Skydiving | WNY SkydiveMask

We provide all tandem students with a super cool WNY-branded neck gaiter to wear during your skydive and to take home as a souvenir. With space being minimal on the aircraft, all jumpers are required to wear a mask while on board. Additionally, masks must be worn when within 6 feet of someone else.


If you usually wear eyeglasses or contacts, wear them! We provide you with goggles so that you can experience every single moment of your epic adventure.


Jewelry can be problematic when you’re flying at 120 mph a mile and a half up. Anything that has flap/snag potential or that’s sentimental should be left at home.

What To Wear Skydiving | WNY Skydiving


Pull back long hair to keep it from whipping around your face – and your instructors! Hair points straight at the heavens when you’re in freefall, so tying it back may be better than leaving it loose regardless. Don’t worry, once under canopy, your hair will come back down to earth too.


Jumping out of a “perfectly good airplane” is intense! Sometimes you’re so busy trying to process the wondrousness that YOU ARE DOING that you forget to look at the camera and actually smile! Scream, shout, celebrate – you’re flying!!

Still have an unanswered “what should you wear skydiving” question? Get in touch! We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and empowered on your best day ever.

Blue skies!

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