The People Behind Your Skydive

Monday, August 5, 2019

We can guarantee that when you head to WNY Skydiving to make your first tandem skydive – and certainly during your journey to learn to skydive with us – you will come across a heap of sunny, friendly faces. Many of these grinning visages belong to the WNY team – the good people behind your skydive, and the people that enable this magic to happen at all.

We have an intimate group here at WNY Skydiving – which means more likely than not, at some point or another, you’ll meet each one of us.  Whether we’re sitting quietly behind the scenes (like our dropzone manager and manifest Brandi) or hanging out right in the mix like the owner/pilot/rigger/tandem instructor/AFF instructor/examiner Tim Allen – each member of our staff is an important member of the WNY team. Even if you don’t think skydiving will become your thing after your initial tandem jump, here’s why the people behind your skydive matter.

Good skydiving reviews come from a happy skydiving family!

1. We give up everything to live this amazing life

Running a dropzone, managing a dropzone, or working for a dropzone are not career paths that are going to be listed in Forbes magazine as “top money-making ventures” any time soon. But for those of us who call the dropzone home, we know that just one skydive can change everything for someone. And that’s worth every sacrifice.

For us, skydiving is a way we can change peoples’ lives on a daily basis. It is a way we can bring joy and help each person reach their potential. It’s not that skydiving solves all your problems, of course. Rather, it’s that skydiving helps put all life’s problems into perspective. After you skydive, you’ll see each problem as something you are entirely capable of solving, facing, or surmounting.

You see – the second you exit the airplane everything comes into focus. When you skydive, you are fully present in each moment. You aren’t distracted. There’s no worrying about bills, or school, or work. It’s just one blissful moment – focused entirely on the experience at hand. It’s a lesson each person can take with them: appreciate, fully, the time you have.

2. We choose to be a part of this amazing community and contribute to its growth

If you choose to learn to skydive, you’ll become well acquainted with our instructional staff. Us jumpers have felt driven to pay it forward in a very specific way: we choose to be a part of the amazing skydiving community so we can contribute to its growth.

We do this by introducing people to tandem skydiving, and by instructing individuals how to become proficient skydivers themselves. We take the time to teach, to instruct, and to guide. And we also dedicate ourselves to helping others achieve their wildest dreams and to reach their fullest potential through skydiving.

3. We live passionately

Skydiver’s view life a little differently. A skydiver see’s each day as an opportunity to capitalize on what their life has given them. They do so by living passionately – which means being a vibrant presence in the world. It means making a dedicated effort to living and loving your life, rather than simply existing. The WNY Team see each day as an opportunity to grow, to improve, and to help change someone else’s life – specifically with skydiving.

4. We share this special experience with others

We believe in the transformative power of skydiving. So much so, many of us give up everything to share this wondrous experience with others.

The investment of time and money to become a skydiving instructor is significant. But for us, it is worth it. Our goal is to expose as many people as possible to the joy of jumping and inspire as many people as possible to live their best lives. We take the time to show each person an experience they will never forget. Because we have not forgotten what it’s like to experience a skydive for the first time.

Ready to see what it’s all about first hand? Schedule your skydive with WNY Skydiving today!

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