How to Skydive

Monday, July 1, 2019

Have you been wondering how to skydive? Or in other words – precisely how does a super-keen adrenaline-seeker get to the point of bailing out of a perfectly good airplane?

No worries. We’re here to help you make that first skydive equally as exciting as easy with a roll-call of skydiving basics!

1. What’s a Tandem Skydive, Anyway?

Even if you’re totally new to skydiving, you’ve probably heard the term tandem skydive. But – what is it, exactly? In essence, it is skydiving for beginners. It’s the most popular way for new jumpers to experience the thrill of freefall — attached to an eminently experienced instructor who will guide the experience from the hangar to the air to the landing area. For the airborne portion of the adventure, the instructor will be harnessed firmly to you, the exuberant new jumper. 

2. Find a Skydiving Dropzone

If you’re going to make a skydive, you’re going to need a plane and a parachute. The only place you stand a chance of finding both of these in one place is on a skydiving dropzone — or, in other words, a business organized on an airport for the purpose of allowing human beings to descend from aircraft to the ground under parachutes.

To find a dropzone with great bona fides, check the website for the United States Parachute Association — then, for extra credit, cross-reference that with online reviews on Facebook and Google. You’ll pinpoint the best fit for you in no time.

How to Skydive - as shown by a fearless skydiver

2. Make a Reservation

Once you’ve decided on a dropzone, make a reservation for your skydive. You can do this either online or by contacting the dropzone directly. When you talk to the staff, they’ll let you know what’s available and you’ll be able to choose from a range of available times (with some flexibility inherent for weather, of course).

A word to the wise: Make sure you contact the dropzone itself. (Check on Google Maps that the number you’re calling — or the website you’re using to reserve the jump — originates from an actual-factual airport. You wouldn’t believe how many wacky impostors are floating around online, up-charging unsuspecting newbie skydivers…)

3. Get That Body Ready

A well-prepared first time skydiver arrives at the dropzone, having prioritized getting good rest the night before. They show up, having eaten a moderate, healthful meal, being well-hydrated, and having limbered up. They also wear close-fitting athletic clothing, with a selection of layers to add and subtract to suit the conditions.

A well-prepared first time skydiver also brings healthful snacks, water and sufficient reading material, toys and games to make any weather-waiting fun and beneficial. But most of all – they arrive with an open beginner’s mind and a thirsty curiosity for what wonders might lie beyond that door. 

4. Arrive on Time

One of the most important skydiving tips for beginners is the simplest one of all: timeliness.

Make sure to arrive on time for your reservation. Paperwork and preparing equipment takes time, and your dropzone knows exactly how much of it to budget before you’re scheduled to be on that upwards-climbing aircraft. So do your part and make sure you’re there at [fill-in-the-blank] on the dot.

5. Get ready for fun!

And so… this is how to skydive. Easy, right?

Is skydiving scary though? Heck yes! Is skydiving worth it? Hecker yes! This is going to be one of the most incredible experiences you’ll ever have, and we at WNY Skydiving would be chuffed as huck to be a part of it. So go ahead: Make your reservation today!

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