How Much Does Skydiving Cost?

Monday, January 21, 2019

The amount of money you pay to go skydiving for the first time can vary a little bit depending on where you visit, and there are even different skydiving prices at the same location, based on how you decide to jump. It is pretty straightforward stuff though, with just a few main considerations to attend to before saddling up for the experience of a lifetime. Let’s have a little look at the options…

Tandem Skydiving

The most common way that people jump out of an airplane for the first time is via a tandem skydive. This is where you and an instructor are attached using a single parachute system – which allows people brand new to the world of skydiving to jump with just a small amount of training first. Tandem skydiving is an amazing way to get involved and generally costs around $300 at anywhere reputable. This may seem like a healthy chunk of change for something that is over pretty fast, bust rest assured it is money you will never regret spending. Skydiving is a unique, life-altering pursuit and exponentially more awesome than other things you can do with this much cash. Here is what you get…

– Your very own highly qualified instructor that will not only be the one you jump with, they will also happily answer any and all of your questions and probably tell you bad jokes.

– A proper briefing containing everything you need to know. Tandem skydiving has been refined over many decades into an efficient process that gives people the basics to get them going.

– The gear you need to go jump! This means a jumpsuit, a harness, and some goggles. If it is hot you might not need the suit – providing you are wearing something sensible.

– A pretty cool plane ride. You will likely be a bit nervous about going skydiving, but the view from the aircraft is nice enough to distract you a little bit. 

– A skydive! The freefall part lasts about a minute. 

– A parachute ride! After deployment, you get around five minutes to enjoy the canopy flight back to the landing area.

How much does skydiving cost?

Extra Things

The only thing better than going skydiving is going skydiving with your friends! While the actual jump part needs to happen with the tandem pair (attached student and instructor) in their own bit of the sky, everything else can be done together – which makes the whole thing extra fun. Coming to jump as a group can also save you a bit of money, as we offer price breaks for more than five or more than ten people. 

Well worth the additional spend of a hundred dollars is the option to have photos and/or video of your jump. Showing off about it after is definitely part of the fun, and having the footage to prove it is a great investment. After all, you only get one first skydive!  

Learning To Skydive

The other approach is by learning to skydive yourself. Hooray! The structure by which people achieve a skydiving license varies from place to place, as does the cost – but it is generally achieved via the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) program whereby you progress through nine levels of increasing independence. The best way to understand how the money part works for AFF is by having a look around on our website, for example – signing up for the whole course will save you some cash overpaying for it in separate pieces. Alternatively, if you have questions about how this (or any of it) works, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

Getting a skydiving license is a definite investment of both effort and money, but it can completely change your life. A bonus here is that if you want to experience skydiving as a tandem student first, this can count towards your license progression so you can simply continue through the course. Need some motivation? Once you have got a license and bought some gear, a jump ticket is $26. Yeah!

How much is skydiving near me?

However you choose to go skydiving for the first time, it is money well spent. Experiencing freefall is high up on many bucket lists for a very good reason – it is a unique and amazing thing to have done. Let’s go! 

Are you located in or around Western New York, or plan to visit Buffalo, Rochester or the Finger Lakes area? Yes? Then we can tell you exactly! Do yourself a solid and book online today.





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