Building Community with Skydiving

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Jumping out of an airplane is good. Very good. For many, skydiving is a once-in-a-lifetime event – a thing to be achieved at some point during their time as a human being. This is great, as everyone should indeed experience freefall once at the very least – but skydiving is so much more than that. Skydiving is a sport, a hobby, a lifestyle, an escape from the normal, and a community of people drawn together to do something awesome. Again and again. As much as possible.

What Skydiving Really Is

Skydiving is very much a sport and one that we have got very skilled at doing. The stereotype of the unhinged airborne loony that flings their body through the sky and hopes their parachute is going to work is actually the opposite of what is true. Over many decades the training and methods used have been refined into a slick and solid affair, and applying brains and science to the equipment has made it all incredibly good at what it is for. Skydiving is not a reckless, seat-of-your-pants temptation of fate – it is a measured, purposeful, repeatable thrill.          

Skydivers Are You     

If you spend any time at all hanging out and talking to skydivers, you will quickly find that they are people you recognize and understand. They are not superhumans graced with some sort of special ability – they are folk who tried it, loved it, and wanted more. What’s extra interesting is that skydivers are not a particular kind of person – they can be and are from anywhere and everywhere. Sure, there are the action-sports adventure types – but just as often you might meet a professional harpist or someone who builds satellites, or pretty much anything you can imagine.      

Building Community with Skydiving | WNY Skydiving

Everyone Starts The Same

Skydiving gets pretty fancy and has many different disciplines to pursue. There are freefall pursuits such as building formations, artistic routines, and flying wingsuits – and there are parachute practices like speed, distance,f and accuracy. True of all these things is there are no shortcuts to getting really good – you must invest time and effort to get there. The rewards for this required dedication are huge, but importantly it means that no matter how great the people you meet are – they have all been in your position and are very likely more than happy to help and share with you. This is a truly amazing part of the sport, as the legends and heroes are frequently right there at the dropzone – and before you know it you are in the plane jumping with them.      

A Home From Home

Doing skydives is the most important part, but the whole thing revolves around hanging out at the dropzone – an oasis of awesomeness where you can escape from normal life and be around like-minded folk. The skydiving community is brought together from far and wide by a remarkable thing, and the friendships forged on the dropzone are strong and meaningful. Your local dropzone can be a very special place, but on top of that you can find communities out there in the world that will instantly welcome you in.       


A skydiving event is called a boogie (thanks 1960s) which is equal parts sporting event and party. Again, jumping with your friends is the important thing and boogies usually include special stuff to do – but so is the fancy dress, the dancing and the general ‘revelry’. Be sure to pack your glittery unicorn costume

Skydiving is about much more than jumping out of planes. Being part of the skydiving community, both locally and at large includes you in a big family of fellow humans that are lucky enough to have access to one of the best things ever. Doing a skydive is amazing, but becoming a skydiver and getting involved – is a life-changing journey. Call us today to begin your journey!

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