What To Wear When It’s Cold

Monday, December 9, 2019

Can you go skydiving in the winter? Heck yes, you can! We know the cold never bothered you anyway, but we’ll be specific: when the weather conditions are safe for jumping, we’re happy to open up the skies for your enjoyment. Sweet bonus: in wintertime, the skies are often clearer, so it’s well worth a little chill!

That said, that “little chill” can really get in the way of a fantastic time if you don’t come prepared. Let’s get you ready, shall we?

1. Rock Dem Layers

When the temps drop like a frozen stone and snuggly warmth is your goal, it’s tempting to pull out the puffiest jacket you own. That totally works for, say, a baseball game, but don’t do it when you’re skydiving! Bulky is bad when you’re rocketing through the air at 120 MPH. Multiple close-fitting layers are the best way to stay warm on a skydive, because they create pockets of air between them and, thus, keep you cozy.

What To Wear When It's Cold | WNY Skydiving

2. Get Thermal

Armor up with base layers — tight-fitting, stretchy, compressive garments that fit close to the skin and keep you warm. (You can find them at any sports shop in the wintertime, as snow sportspeople are huge fans.) We recommend pairing a long-sleeved thermal top with long thermal leggings. Don’t skimp; you’ll probably live in ‘em all winter long…

3. Cover Your Paws

The cold winter air at altitude will do a number on your hands if you’re not careful — so be careful! Protect them by popping on a nice thick pair of gloves. Go for thin glove liners on the inside for extra “warm points.”

4. Pick The Right Kicks

Yeah, we know you’re not going to be rocking up in flip-flops (which totally happens in the summertime, believe it or not!). That said: kicks are key. Believe us when we say that the relative wind loves nothing more than to whip off loose-fitting shoes and send them on a one-way journey into the void. And, in wintertime, exposed toes in the sky are no bueno.

What To Wear When It's Cold | WNY Skydiving

5. Fleece It Up!

Looking for a recommendation for the best thing to wear on a skydive? Dude. We have the answer you’re looking for: fleece! Not only is it thin enough to serve as one of your layers — and it’s got the warming properties you need to keep the chill at bay, even on the coldest of skydiving days — it’s incredibly comfortable, too.

6. Or Maybe Just Pause

Here’s the thing the most important thing to consider about skydiving when it’s cold: you don’t have to. That might seem obvious, but sometimes people get a little ahead of their real personal feelings about cold weather when they decide to jump.

If that might be you, think about making a reservation for a warm-weather day. The sky will be there, and you’ll have way more fun if you’re not a natural snow bunny.  If you’d prefer to jump in balmier conditions, we’re happy to accommodate you — because our overarching goal is for you to have the time of your life with us, and we’re determined to make it happen! Make your reservation today and you’ll see just what we mean.

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