5 Tips to Rock Your First Time Skydive

Friday, February 15, 2019

Settling for less just isn’t your style. Maybe that’s why you’ve chosen to fly. After reaching a height roughly two miles in the sky, you’ll step into the next chapter of your life. To knock it out of the park, you have to be prepared: this is how to rock your first time skydive like a boss.

1. Be Flexible

There is a lot that goes into getting you in the air. In fact, much of the skydiving experience is spent with two feet planted firmly on the ground. But, because of nerves, tensions can run high. For some, little delays become major problems.  If things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like, try to understand we have your safety in mind.

Less than stellar conditions can cause weather holds and may possibly even put the kibosh on your skydive.  Trust us, you want your first time skydiving to be the best experience possible. Sometimes that means waiting until clouds clear or the winds die down. Sometimes it even means picking another day to make it happen. [Read all about the Best Time of Day to Skydive]

Because of the unpredictable nature of, well, nature, we recommend not scheduling an event right after your jump. You’ll save yourself a ton of strife. We’d rather not have you worrying whether you’ll be late if your skydive gets delayed. So kick back. Settle in. Make a day out of it – life-time experiences don’t need to be rushed.

Young woman exits the plane on her first time tandem skydive

2. Pick the Right Duds

Appropriate attire can be the difference between feeling out of place – or right at home. Will it be 80 degrees or 50 degrees outside? Hot and sticky or windy? Atmospheric conditions make a big difference for those few minutes you’re in the sky.

To rock your first time skydive like a boss, dress for success. Athletic wear and lace-up sneakers are a definite pro-choice. Keep an eye on the temperature, though. If temperatures are looking a bit low, several thin layers will keep you nice and cozy on the ride to altitude and in freefall.

3. Eat and Drink Normally Before Your First Time Skydive

One easy way to ace your first time skydive is to stay hydrated! As with any sport, you need to make sure you’re consuming enough liquids. Getting a bit of food in your system is important too. Eat a moderately-sized meal before you arrive at the dropzone and bring snacks in case you encounter a wait. You don’t want your blood sugar to plummet and end up snoozing through your skydive. Give your body the energy it needs to rock out your skydive! [Read more tips on What to Eat Before Skydiving.]

4. Two (or Three) are Better than One!

What do we mean? Bring a friend! A healthy support system is important, especially when you are facing new challenges. There’s no need to conquer it on your own. Friends and family can give you the push you need to succeed or calm you down to help you proceed. Either way, we know they’ll appreciate being included in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Young couple embarks on their first time skydive together

5. Breathe

Relax! Take a breath. Ask any skydiver and they’ll tell you, skydiving is a head game. The best skydivers are the ones that can manage their fear and nervousness – and just relax. Sure, it seems impossible. But a steady state of mind translates through the body. Focus on this moment. It’s the first day of the rest of your life!

Plus, your first time skydiving experience is supposed to be fun! Don’t hold your breath in anticipation, exhale, inhale, smile, and – Ooooommmmm!

It’s time! We can’t wait to meet you at WNY Skydiving.

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