Skydiving Exits: Backflips And Spins

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Since securing your skydiving reservation, you’ve been daydreaming every waking second. All your time is spent imagining the experience from start to finish and desperately trying to invent the gnarliest skydiving exits you can. This is a next-level adventure, after all, and you want the full experience. So, what’s the coolest skydiving exit you can manage to really impress your friends?

To make your first time skydiving as epic as it can be, you might think you’ll need an instructor to pull out all the stops, cartwheeling and hucking a backflip from the airplane or doing as many skydiving tricks as they can manage. The truth is…not so much.

You see, this is where the expectation you have for skydiving exits and the reality of skydiving exits might clash. 

Skydiving Exits: Backflips And Spins | WNY Skydiving

We Put Safety First We Put Safety First

We will cut to the chase: skydiving is an extreme sport. And while we love to have fun and push the limits, for every jump, our number one goal is to mitigate the risk we face. As a tandem skydiver, the skydiving exit is a tenth of a second that can set the stage for the rest of your skydive. When a tandem pair exits the aircraft, the primary goal is to achieve stability and deploy the drogue swiftly without rushing. Backflips from the plane or skydiving tricks on exit can prevent a tandem pair from having a stable exit, and thus, can increase the risk quotient on that particular skydive.

To mitigate unnecessary risk, certain manufacturers of tandem skydiving equipment have created rules about the types of skydiving exits that can be done with the gear. The manufacturer of our tandem skydiving equipment has approved two types of skydiving exits: a poised exit and a diving exit. 

The poised skydiving exit positions the tandem pair facing out of the door and usually angled toward the front of the aircraft. With a poised exit, it is easier for the tandem skydiving student to achieve the correct freefall body position which helps to increase the likelihood that the pair will have a stable exit. 

The diving exit is a popular skydiving exit because it can be done from a kneeling, sitting, or standing position. On this skydiving exit, the tandem pair is turned toward the back of the aircraft as they come through the door with their right sides high and their heads angled down. This exit is similar to diving into a pool…except the pool is a wave of relative wind and not water!

Skydiving Exits: Backflips And Spins | WNY Skydiving

Take It One Step At A Time

For some reason, there are negative connotations around being a “newbie.” Everyone wants to skip to the end, forgo the journey, and just magically become a pro. But here’s the truth: being a beginner is really kind of cool. Being a beginner means you are brave enough to fumble to experience something new. There are tons of creative skydiving exits out there, but to do them as safely as possible, you need to have the proper training and have developed the required skydiving skill to try them out.

Your Time Will Come

Getting the chance to try out different skydiving exits is a fun aspect of the skydiving progression, and if you choose to learn through the 6-jump Accelerated Free Fall course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with different skydiving exits and the opportunity to do front flips, barrel rolls, and those beloved backflips all on your own! With the training and instruction you receive from WNY Skydiving, you’ll be cutting flips in no time and on your way to achieving your skydiving license.

Take a look at a few skydiving exits that you can get creative with once you’re a licensed skydiver!

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