What Makes WNY Skydiving So Different?

Monday, April 20, 2020

Do you remember the game show, Let’s Make a Deal?  Contestants had to risk giving up cash to see what was behind Door Number 1, 2 or 3. Sometimes, the prizes behind a door were amazing. Other times, there would be a donkey. Literally, a donkey! It was always entertaining!  And so it is when you Google a business – what’s behind that blue link? Something good, or will it be a donkey? If you Google “Skydive New York”, you’ll find us and we want to tell you what’s behind our blue link because it’s something very special. We promise you won’t find any asses here! 


Skydive New York – Behind the Link

There are many places to go skydiving in Western and upstate New York, but we’ve got something special that’s not easily found – heart. That heart begins at the top with our owner, Tim Allen. Skydiving transformed Tim’s life and rather than enjoy it as a hobby, Tim made it his life’s work to build a skydiving center so he could work in his passion and share the amazing experience with others. Tim’s passion has poured out to his entire staff which is felt by Western New York’s Skydiving guests. The moment you get out of your car, you can feel the positive vibes and this positivity is addictive! Like another TV show “Cheers”, WNY Skydiving is New York state’s skydiving destination where everyone knows your name. Whether you’re a first time jumper or someone with thousands of jumps, you’ll be welcomed here! 

The Difference Between a Skydive and a Life-Changing Experience

The people at WNY Skydiving are certainly different, but so is the skydiving experience. Many skydiving centers are focused on high volume, which is fine if you love being on a conveyor belt of takeoffs and landings designed to get as many jumpers in the air as possible. To us, that’s making a skydive, but it’s not creating a life-changing experience. Like a great dining experience, the food has to be good, but how you’re treated elevates the experience. We’re big on customer service and paying attention to the details to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests

What Makes WNY Skydiving So Different | WNY Skydiving

We are not a skydiving company with a short term vision – we’re wishing to grow for the long term and we recognize that we’re only as good as our last happy customer. The result of this has led to our growth and is why we attract people from Rochester, New York City, Buffalo, Niagara Falls and even upstate New York!

Location, Location, Location, Baby! 

Our location is ideal for skydiving! If you’ve done your research, you’ll discover that there is no dropzone close to a city because we need clear airspace without lots of air traffic. Though we’re away from many downtown areas, we are close to many of the major population bases in WNY and upstate New York. Best of all, our location brings about stunning views

NY Skydiving (and surrounding)Proximity
Buffalo, NY45 miles
Rochester, NY35 miles
Niagara Falls, NY43 miles
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada88.5 miles
Syracuse, NY128 miles

So, if you’re looking for a great experience where you’ll be:

  • skydiving with people who love what they do
  • treated like a friend and not a number
  • enjoying spectacular views 
  • welcomed whether you’re from Rochester or Timbuktu a Republican or Democrat…

Western New York Skydiving Is The Place For You!

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