Top 5 Reasons to skydive

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Skydiving is awesome, and there are a million reasons why. For some, the reason is deeply personal and for others, it’s all about the adrenaline fix. No matter what draws you to our incredible sport: welcome!

Here are just five of the reasons to skydive that we frequently hear at WNY Skydiving:


There is nothing so liberating as jumping out of a perfectly good airplane into the big blue yonder! Especially after 18 months (and counting) of being socially distant and holed up at home. To not only break out of your house but also break out of your comfort zone feels better than ever!        

When you take off and start the climb to altitude, it’s like you can feel the (good and not-so-good) things that keep you tethered to the ground begin to let you go. The ground gets smaller and your world gets bigger. And when you LEAP from the plane and fly through the air in freefall, everything melts away. It’s just you … in the sky … soaring through the air at 120 mph. There is nothing to cloud your thoughts; there is only this. Your parachute opens and you and your tandem skydiving instructor float peacefully over the lush farmland that surrounds our dropzone and, for the first time perhaps in a long time, you feel free.

Top 5 Reasons To Skydive | WNY Skydiving


Many people make a tandem skydive because they are looking for the ultimate opportunity to gain perspective. Sometimes, after experiencing a period of change, doing something extraordinary is just what you need to reset. 

Circumstances vary from person to person, but people often share that they feel compelled to jump in someone’s memory, to garner clarification about a career change or a big move, or to shed light on what’s next for their relationship. Literally “being away from it all” has the incredible power of clearing your mind and providing answers. 

Some scale cliffs in search of a new angle, some dive down deep or venture into caves. For us, shimmying on up to the sky and flying all the way back down is the ultimate tonic.  


Feeling sheepish or defeated? Bust out of your hidey-hole and blow out the cobwebs! There is no better place to reclaim your sense of self and propel yourself into the future than to do something thrilling. 

When you skydive, your brain and body process a megamix of magical chemicals. Your neurotransmitters boil over with adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine – all of which make your innards scream YESSSSSSS in the moment and (bonus!) bubble through you even after you touch down. Release, reclaim, recharge. ROAR! You are alive, capable, powerful. You’ve got this! (And we’ve got a whole lot more descriptors and affirmations, but we’ll leave you to choose some of your own!)


If you know a skydiver, chances are they’ve got great energy and great dropzone stories to match. Sound about right? We figured … The skydiving community is known for being open-armed, generous of spirit, and generally awesome. 

We love to get at it from sun up til sundown, and then hang out by the fire and celebrate the day. We introduce one another to other skydivers and dropzones. We help those behind us to progress in the sport, and we know those ahead of us will gladly share their knowledge. We welcome first-timers and old dogs, and we don’t care what you look like, how you vote, who you worship, or what you do for money. We’re all here for the same thing: skydiving. 

Ready to check the world’s baggage at the DZ door? Come on in where we’re free to be you and me!

Top 5 Reasons To Skydive | WNY Skydiving


You only live once. Or, maybe you believe that you only live one life at a time. Whatever your truth may be, this we know: skydiving is life-changing. If you’ve found yourself asking, “Should I go skydiving?” We challenge you to say: yes. Because, why wouldn’t you? 

If cost is the barrier, consider asking your crew to hook you up with a gift certificate. Or see about getting a group together and help everyone save some dough. 

If fear is holding you back – face it! Read up on what freaks you out and then dare yourself to overcome it. Is it safety? Boom: here’s an article all about safety and skydiving. Is it heights? Nice try – we’ve got a blog entry on heights too. What else you got? Tell us – we can help you settle your nerves!

Come make a tandem with us and seize the day – blue skies!

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