Can You Skydive High, Drunk, Or Sick?

Friday, September 30, 2022

As you’re planning your tandem skydiving day, you may be curious about the dos and don’ts when it comes to sickness or alcohol and drugs skydiving. To be frank, none of the above are recommended and even some are prohibited from skydiving.


We can’t say it enough, folks – alcohol and skydiving do not mix. If attempted, skydiving drunk could result in motion sickness, extreme headaches, and a guaranteed way of vomiting while on your skydive. Nobody wants that!

Alcohol will not only impair your coordination, dehydrate you, and rob yourself of getting the full experience – it is also actually illegal to drink and skydive! According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation 105.7: “No person may conduct a parachute operation, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow a person to conduct a parachute operation from that aircraft if that person is or appears to be under the influence of-

  1. Alcohol, or
  2. Any drug that affects that person’s faculties in any way contrary to safety.”

Some people think that one or two shots shouldn’t be a big deal and it will help ease the nerves about skydiving, but that is so far from the truth. Trust us, we speak from experience when we say that you don’t need liquid courage to overcome your fear of heights – you are perfectly capable! You’ll feel so much better knowing that you conquered your fears due to your own bravery, confidence, and go-get-em attitude.

Young man on his first tandem skydive


When it comes to skydiving high…the answer is absolutely not. And anyway, you’ll be getting “high” enough on your skydive as you climb to 10,000 – 14,000 ft in altitude! *ba dum tss* In all seriousness though, and contrary to popular belief, YOU will play a very important role on your tandem skydive – one you’ll need to be prepared for. 

In the skydiving world, you might hear yourself referred to as a “tandem passenger” but really you are a student! You’ll need to be completely cognizant during your tandem skydive from the moment you begin your class session at check-in, to the moment you land back on the ground. There are very important instructions and lessons you’ll be expected to follow and perform when the time comes to do your skydive. Keep in mind that if a staff member suspects any drug or alcohol use, they have the right to refuse you at any point. Instructors see it as a safety risk, not only for themselves but for you and everyone else involved.

Besides, skydiving is a drug in itself – the happiness drug! You’ll get to experience complete euphoria while being 100% sober. Truth!!


If you’ve ever flown in a commercial aircraft, you might have experienced the pressure changes as you climb to altitude — you will experience those same changes while on your skydive. Sometimes the pressure changes can be a bit uncomfortable as you feel the pressure build in your ears and sinuses, now just imagine if you’re sick. Ouch! Do not, repeat, do not go skydiving with a cold.

Kaila Proulx gives thumbs up skydiving the first time

Skydiving with a cold is not only uncomfortable, but it can also result in blowing out an eardrum, which is extremely painful. So if you’re stuffy, just reschedule. It is not worth the risk! It’s best to wait until you’re feeling healthy to get the best skydiving experience possible.

In addition, you wouldn’t want to expose everyone else to those icky germs! Skydiving is a close-contact activity where you will literally be attached to another person and presumably riding in a small aircraft with other people. Therefore, it’s difficult to guarantee protection from any colds or illnesses, including COVID-19, when making a skydive. If you are feeling ill or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please call the office to reschedule your skydiving reservation.

You can only experience the true freedom of skydiving when you’re completely clear-headed and physically aware of what is happening in the moment. So, please, come sober and healthy – we want you to get the most out of your experience and have an amazing time!

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