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From a distance, it might look like skydiving follows a simple formula – fly up, jump out, float down – and maybe that’s all that a run-of-the-mill operation wants to accomplish. If you’re looking for an AWESOME experience, though, look for a dropzone that goes above and beyond. 

WNY Skydiving offers the best skydiving in New York, here’s why:

Company Culture

Above all else, safety. 

At WNY Skydiving, we have been committed to a culture of safety since day one. Our dropzone owner, Tim Allen, has been jumping for more than 20 years and is himself a pilot, rigger, tandem instructor, AFF instructor, and examiner. His happy-go-lucky disposition goes a long way in making the DZ a fun place to work and jump, but it’s his hardcore dedication to safety that keeps the place humming along year after year. 

When he established the DZ in 2009, Tim hoped that it would organically come to feel like a community – and boy does it. His passion for the sport has attracted numerous others who are just as stoked about jumping at every possible opportunity as he is. Each team member is committed to paying it forward – giving their all to those they have the privilege of supporting, from first-time jumpers and those getting licensed to experienced flyers looking to up their game.  

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Stellar Personnel

In the same way, great service turns a delicious meal into an amazing experience, a great tandem instructor helps to create an exceptional skydiving experience. 

Our team members are highly trained and mega-passionate skydivers who not only have more than 40,000 jumps in their logbooks and decades of experience in the sport, but they also have “regular” day jobs outside of serving as tandem instructors. They’re at the dropzone every weekend because they want to be – not because they have to be. 

The job of a WNY Skydiving tandem instructor is far more than safely getting students up and back down – although, that is their primary job description! Their role is also to help every first-timer feel calm, comfortable, confident, and empowered. 

Show Up For Yourself

You play a role in creating an incredible tandem skydiving experience too. Take care of your body and mind the day of — and the day before — your jump so that you have zero regrets on the back end. This means:

  • Arrive hydrated, and definitely not hungover

If you think you feel crummy on the ground, wait until you take that hangover up to altitude. (#nobueno)

  • Line your stomach with sensible food, don’t overeat or undereat

Blood sugar tends to drop during a surge of adrenaline. Don’t let nausea cramp your style.

  • Listen to your body

If you’re not feeling 100%, don’t jump – especially if you have any sinus pressure. Ouch.

  • Dress the part

It’s colder up there than on the ground. Layer up so you can love every minute of your experience.

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Bring Your Friends

The number one thing people kick themself over after jumping is not getting the video (pro tip: get the video). 

The second thing is leaving your crew behind. If you don’t want to get bombarded with, “YO! Why didn’t you call me?” as soon as you start bragging about your life-altering experience, tell your friends ahead of time. And here’s the other thing — tandem skydiving by yourself is amazing, but skydiving with a friend is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

Haven’t you heard of No Pal Left Behind? It’s a real thing. Check out our group rates.

For the ultimate in New York skydiving, visit us. Our airport in Albion is an easy drive from Buffalo, Rochester and the Finger Lakes, and offers killer views of Lake Ontario, the Erie Canal, the mist from Niagara Falls, and, on a clear day, even the cities of Rochester, Buffalo, and Toronto. Boom. It doesn’t get better than that. Come jump with us! 

Blue skies.

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