Rigging Services

Keep Your Gear In Top Condition

Whether you come to make your first tandem skydive or you’re showing up to make your 1,000th jump, you want the gear you’re using to be in the best condition possible. At WNYSkydiving there are several FAA certified senior parachute riggers on staff to help with your rigging and gear maintenance needs. WNYSkydiving also has full canopy hanging and inspection facilities.

Rigging Services Offered

  • Reserve repacks
  • Complete gear assembly
  • Gear inspection
  • Patches & repairs
  • Gear cleaning
  • Wingsuit inspection & repair

As a full-service skydiving training center, WNYSkydiving offers FAA Parachute Rigger training programs. For more information about either rigging services or rigging training, please call us at 716-597-7393!

Does Your Gear Need a Little TLC?

Let Our Certified Riggers Take Care of It!

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