Why Skydiving is the Perfect Escape

Monday, July 6, 2020

Let’s face it – the world feels a little chaotic right now. We’ve been stuck inside for months, been forced to find new ways to socialize and entertain ourselves, and new, overwhelming information is being thrown at us all the time. It’s starting to get repetitive and tiring. You might be looking for a way to experience some sort of adrenaline, or bring yourself back into yourself and practice mindfulness, or you might just want to have something else to think about. Skydiving is the perfect escape for that. 

Why Skydiving is the Perfect Escape | WNY Skydiving

Adrenaline Like No Other

If you’ve been stuck inside for months, you probably haven’t experienced anything adrenaline-inducing in a while. Skydiving gives you an adrenaline rush like no other. Freefall, the time you spend in the air between the initial jump from the plane until the parachute is deployed, is 60 seconds of clarity from the adrenaline pumping through your body. Your limbic system, which is a collection of nerves that dictate your emotions, will be entirely focused on the freefall and in the moment.

From the time you arrive at the dropzone, to taking off in the plane, to experiencing freefall, your body will be pumping with adrenaline and you’ll be taken out of the current situation, giving you escape from the stress of the world as we know it.

Focusing On Mindfulness

Adrenaline is not the only part of the escape you get from experiencing a skydive. You’ll understand a new kind of mindfulness that is hard to achieve with other activities. Experienced skydivers say that skydiving brings them into the moment, focusing on their own bodies and minds, and bringing them clarity and freedom.

You won’t be thinking about anything other than the fact that you are in the sky, free-falling or looking out over the world below you from thousands of feet above. During your skydive, you’ll escape from the stress and anxieties of the world around you, be brought back into your own body and mind.

A New Perspective

When you skydive the combination of adrenaline and mindfulness that you feel work together hand-in-hand to give you a whole new perspective. Of course, you get the incredible physical perspective of seeing the world without restrictions from 14,000 ft, but you also have the chance to look inward.

The time that you are not focused on the constant barrage of information and news that we are faced with and are instead focused on the present and your own feelings, gives the chance for inner reflection. This reflection can mean a multitude of different things for different people, but for many, it means a chance to shift your perspective into a new place. You won’t have to only focus on the anxiety of the world, but instead, the feeling of happiness and peace that comes with things like skydiving. You take this perspective shift with you to any situation after the experience.

Why Skydiving is the Perfect Escape | WNY Skydiving

Community Around the World

As we are looking for new ways to connect and bond with the people we already know and make new connections, skydiving is one of the best ways to do it. This sport stretches worldwide and once you enter the community, you’ll be able to meet a whole new set of people with a passion that drives you together. You won’t have to worry about things that typically divide people when you are both passionate about the same experience and sport. 

With the world constantly changing and offering new forms of anxiety and stress, skydiving gives you the perfect opportunity to not only escape for a moment but give you a new perspective and community. If you want to see what skydiving can do for you, book your jump now. 

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