Top 4 Biggest Misconceptions in Skydiving

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

We all love that four-minute freefall scene from the classic movie, Point Break where they laugh, teach Johnny how to skydive in freefall, and egg each other on during the dangerously low pull scene. In fact, Point Break is what inspired so many people to try skydiving for the first time, and created a whole new generation of jumpers. However, as you start to discover more about this sport you’ll realize a few skydiving myths. And if you’ve never tried skydiving, maybe you’re holding on to a few yourself. Here, we unveil the top three misconceptions about skydiving and spell out some skydiving facts. 

4 Skydiving Myths

Skydiving Myth #1: You Can Talk in Freefall

Ok, maybe you’ve already discovered this skydiving myth. You’ve seen a few YouTube videos or heard a friend or two tell their tales. But if you haven’t, let the truth be told – you cannot talk and have conversations in freefall. When you’re freefalling at terminal velocity – that’s about 120 miles per hour – the only thing you’ll hear is a rush of wind. You may be able to yell in the plane before jumping and definitely under canopy. However, if you try talking in freefall, you may just end up spitting all over yourself, and well, you won’t even be heard!

The Biggest Misconceptions in Skydiving | WNY Skydiving

Skydiving Myth #2: All Dropzones are the Same

First, “dropzone” is a general skydiving term to refer to a skydiving center. And all skydiving centers are mostly independent businesses that vary from dropzone to dropzone. Instructors are different, have different facilities, equipment, the training will vary, aircraft may be different, etc. Each dropzone has its own culture and personality and is totally unique from one another. 

What you can expect from WNY Skydiving is a professionally run operation on a privately owned airport. Our facilities have bathrooms, offices, classrooms, and fly two wide-body Cessna 182’s. Here, you can learn to skydive all the way to earning your first basic license to flying your first wingsuit

Skydiving Myth #3: Skydiving isn’t a Career

Oh, but it can be my dear friend! Skydiving has come a long way since it’s military days and the advent of new technology and training. You can simply be a jumper who goes out to enjoy the sport on the weekends with friends, or you can create a new way of life by earning money in the sport. Here are a few things people do to earn money in skydiving: 

  • Become a Skydiving Instructor 
    • You can become a Tandem Instructor where you take people harnessed to you for their tandem skydives 
    • You can become an AFF Instructor where you teach people how to skydive solo
    • You can also become a Coach which is the preliminary rating before becoming an AFF-Instructor or Tandem Instructor
  • Become a Commercial Pilot
  • Pack Main Parachutes
  • Pack Reserve Parachutes (those the pack reserve parachutes are also known as Parachute Riggers)
  • Become a Load Organizer (this is where experienced jumpers are hired by dropzones around the country and sometimes world, to headline big events and jump with their participants)
  • Become a Demo Jumper (this is where experienced and appropriately rated jumpers jump into places other than the designated landing area such as sports stadiums, events, beaches, etc.)

To be employed in skydiving doesn’t mean you just take tandem skydivers, as there is a menu of different opportunities, and people are still creating new ways to make money in the sport! 

Skydiving Myth #4: Skydiving is Only for Adrenaline Junkies

This is easy to think. People who jump out of planes must be crazy! Yet, once you meet a few of us you’ll discover we’re down-to-earth, meticulous about our gear and safety, and an inclusive and eclectic group of people. Skydivers are lawyers, doctors, garbage collectors, accountants, college students, entrepreneurs, sales clerks, scientists, realtors…. You get the idea. It doesn’t take a daredevil to skydive, just someone seeking a new perspective, ready for change and live outside their comfort zone, or just someone curious what life is like in the clouds. 

Skydiving Dos and Don'ts | WNY Skydiving

Misconceptions About Learning to Skydive

So yes, there are some misconceptions about skydiving. Even misconceptions about learning to skydive such as it takes a long time, it’s a sport only for men, or skydiving is hard. 

Quick skydiving facts: Skydiving is an inclusive sport that takes dedication, to put in the time and effort to do it. There is a whole organization dedicated to supporting women in the sport called the Women’s Skydiving Network and teams such as the Highlight Pro Skydiving team (an all women’s demonstration team of the most talented women in the sport). And skydiving is as easy or as hard as you make it. 

Are you Ready?

If you’re ready to discover what’s beyond these skydiving myths and you’re ready to head out to our little dropzone and check out what skydiving is all about, we’re ready to show you some skydiving facts and a good time! Give us a call or click and we’ll be happy to showcase what this sport is all about!

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