The Best Places to Skydive in the U.S.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

If you’re searching for ‘skydiving near me’ then you’re probably wondering where the best (and closest) skydiving center is. We’re here to help you out. Where to go skydiving is a big decision. Your first jump is once in a lifetime…of course it needs to be the best experience possible! Whether you prioritize rockin’ views, awesome customer service, or an overall fantastic and supportive vibe—this list of dropzones across the USA are some of the best. Curious where the best skydiving in the USA is? From the east coast to the tippity top of the west coast, we’ve got you covered.


Ahhh, the northeast, home to the ever-so-famous Big Apple, rocky beaches, and amazing views of scenic places.

Our favorite DZ in the Northeast? Home base, of course!! 

  • WNY SKYDIVING is the best place to skydive in Western New York. From our unique wingsuit school (min. 200 jumps in the last 18 months) to our friendly staff and fantastic facilities, we really have it all. We are happy to be a skydiving center that offers and encourages the next steps after tandem jumping. We hope you’ll take the biggest leap of faith with us and see what our incredible sport is all about! 
  • Skydive Danielson was voted best DZ for the last 3 years by Blue Skies Magazine! With an awesome staff that prioritizes making your first jump positively memorable, you’re sure to have the best time. They highly encourage tandem students to progress on to ‘student status’ and become licensed skydivers–it’s a fantastic place to learn. 
  • Long Island Skydiving Center has insane ocean views of all of Long Island – on clear days, you can even see all the way to Montauk and NYC! Transportation from New York City is easy peasy AND have one of the best jump planes for large groups. Sooo… if you’re visiting the city with some friends and want to take a trip to skydive for the day? Uh yeah, perfect place for it.
  •  Skydive New England comes with a totally private airstrip on over 200 beautiful acres. With a great onsite restaurant, there are options for those who come to the DZ to support you but aren’t jumping (yet!). They offer a discount if you come to skydive on your actual birthday, too —these guys know the best gift is the freedom of flight!


They may not offer cornbread and collard greens, but let’s head on down south to see which dropzones truly offer the best of southern hospitality!

  •  La Zona Puerto Rico has some of the best owners in the business. Having worked at a multitude of dropzones across the US, they were able to figure out exactly what they did and did not like and then create their own! On top of the incredible people that will make your jump memorable, the views are out of this world. Peacefully floating over the El Yunque rainforest and beautiful East Coast of Puerto Rico simultaneously is a sight to see. 
  • Oklahoma Skydiving Center is home to one of the everyone’s favorite jump planes out there: a turbine Cessna 206. You won’t even have time to think about door fear by the time this baby climbs to altitude! Along with a cool jump plane and super cool owner (who’s into BASE jumping!?!), this dropzone offers beautiful views of Oklahoma’s prairie. 
  • Skydive Carolina has been jumping since the ’80’s! The owner is passionate about the sport and holds a plethora of achievements … talk about the best kind of skydiving mentor to have! From being home to some of the kindest folks around to having one of the largest landings areas in the COUNTRY, this unique SC DZ is a must-jump.
  • Skydive The Gulf has banging ocean views and you can even land on the beach. Can you imagine skydiving, landing in the sand, and watching the sunset over the ocean!? This DZ is super well-known for its proposal packages – they love helping you start your forever with that special someone with a once-in-a-lifetime skydive!
  • Skydive Key West boasts amazing ocean views. You soar a mile above the beautiful FL coastline through sweet tropical breeze: unreal. The location requires instructors here to have more experience, and the owner prioritizes safety and customer service. If you’re heading for a getaway in the Keys, you have to add a skydive to your vacay!
  •  Skydive Monroe is the perfect DZ in the greater Atlanta area. The owner is one of the most experienced in the biz and clearly puts safety at the forefront. Although smaller in size, this DZ cultivates a family vibe that makes people want to visit more than once. Their King Air gets to altitude FAST, so no waiting around … ready, set, go!
  • Skydive Orange flies multiple turbine airplanes (quick rides to the top!) and is known as the premier skydiving center for Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. They provide top customer service for their tandem students AND licensed jumpers boast about it being one of the overall best and friendliest places to jump in the southeast.
  • Skydive Paraclete XP is home to the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the United States and they have a rockin’ and unique aircraft fleet, which includes Cessna Grand Caravans, CASA 212’s and a Twin Otter Many. Their facilities are so dreamy, it’s no wonder this spot serves as a home and training ground for world-class skydivers and competitors.
  • Texas Skydiving takes us more inland to the Lone Star State. With incredible hospitality, the TXS staff has a special way of making you feel at home. Their great energy is coupled with their great landing area – yeah, the one that doubles as a llama farm! They’re close to College Station and Austin. Calling all you Aggies to come send it!


As we travel towards the midwest part of the country we’ll notice less ocean, but that’s replaced by beautiful mountain views.

  • Skydive Kansas City offers two super-fast King Airs, which makes this dropzone ideal for larger groups. These planes also go to 14,000 feet, making Skydive Kansas City the highest-altitude dropzone in Missouri. The owner has been skydiving most of his life and has a true passion for the sport, which shines bright through in his business. 
  • Skydive St. Louis opened just a few years ago and has already made a huge impact in the skydiving community through their superb customer service–they really make you feel like old friends! They pride themselves on valuing safety over business and sharing the peaceful freedom of skydiving with as many people as possible. 
  • Skydive Tecumseh is Michigan’s #1 dropzone! They have awesome events that involve the entire community, two super-fast planes (PAC750 & King Air), and a new multi-million dollar facility. Some of the best learning and teaching in the sport happens here. Stop here if you’re in the Detroit area as it’s only about an hour’s drive! 
  • Wisconsin Skydiving Center is owned by an awesome husband and wife team, and you can absolutely feel the “family first” vibe. They’re extremely organized and their facilities are excellent, earning this DZ the reputation of one of the best DZs in the world by seasoned skydivers. They have grills and areas to hang out, making it a great DZ for spectators too. 


Let’s talk about the west coast! Home to movie stars, the redwoods, distinctive beach piers, and oh yeah, some of the best skydiving IN THE WORLD. Let’s get into it. 

  • PNW Skydiving Center located in Oregon shows off with an extra-large PAC750 and an awesome location, making them the premier skydiving center for Portland and Vancouver. This dropzone prioritizes professionalism and are known for a safe, welcoming, and fun atmosphere. And don’t even get us started on the beautiful views…
  • Skydive California is the perfect pitstop for skydivers of all stripes if you’re in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. (Skydiving over wine country!? Yes, please!) They proudly practice a policy of inclusivity and very clearly run on their passion for the sport, professionalism, and love for fun. And their top-notch facilities are private, mega spacious, and open year round. 
  • Skydive Perris is THE place to skydive, that is, if you’re Tom Cruise!! Stars like Miley Cyrus, David Blaine and numerous other celebs have jumped at Skydive Perris, proving it’s made for the best of the best. It’s like Disneyland for skydivers and first-time jumpers alike. The best in the sport often choose to train here. From their swimming pool and indoor wind tunnel to their massive fleet of aircraft, this is one of the best all-around DZs in the world. 
  • Skydive Snohomish in Washington is one of the most beautiful dropzones on the planet … like, imagine a country club plus sick airplanes and wicked skydivers, that’s Skydive Snohomish! Located at Harvey Field, this land has been in the Harvey family for four generations. The Harveys pride themselves on consistently delivering A+ customer service and strive to truly make their guests feel like family. 

While we believe it’s worth it to come from anywhere in the world to visit us here at WNY Skydiving, we know that isn’t always possible. Wherever you choose to take your first leap, we are cheering you on and know you’re going to absolutely love it. And if you’re in the WNY area, we can’t wait see you soon!

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