How To Get into Wingsuiting

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A wing of fabric spreads taut from wrist to hip and from foot to foot. A body soaring through the sky, carving between caverns of clouds. This is wingsuiting: the closest to a bird you can become. From careening through hills and mountain vales, to forming “flocks” and formations with fellow wingsuiters, this burgeoning discipline offers a lot.

Have we piqued your interest?  With something this dynamic, it would be hard not to. Keep reading to learn just how you too can begin to wingsuit.

What does it take to wingsuit?

1. Learn to Skydive

The first step on your wingsuiting journey is entering the wide world of freefall and learning how to skydive. Before amping up the ante with a wingsuit, you’ve got to be sure you’ve got the whole skydiving thing down first. This also means you’ve got to jump consistently, which leads us to the second things you’ll need to do to get into wingsuiting…

Tandem skydiving is the first step to begin to wingsuit.

2. Rack’em Up

Jump numbers that is. In order to get into wingsuiting, you will need to have accumulated 200 skydives. Be sure to faithfully log your jumps – you’ll need proof o them for any reputable dropzone to offer you the opportunity to wingsuit.

We didn’t just make this up.

The Skydiver Information Manual (SIM) is the collation of some of the knowledge determined by the United States Parachute Association to help to promote the safe enjoyment of skydiving. These are relayed as Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs).  Basic Safety Requirements are established by evaluating incidents and aimed at eliminating accidents by reducing risk factors.

Several of these BSRs must be taken into consideration prior to wingsuiting. Per BSR 2-1, a first-time wingsuit jumper must have a minimum of 200 jumps. It is also recommended that at least 200 skydives have been made within the last 18 months.

Tandem progression training is a vital part of beginning to wingsuit.

3. Sign up for a Wingsuit First Jump Course

In order to get into wingsuiting at WNY Skydiving, you will need to sit through a wingsuit first jump course. Lucky for you, we have an entire Wingsuit School and offer classes nearly every weekend!

During your Wingsuit First Jump Course, we will provide you with all the necessary ground training to help ensure you have a successful wingsuit ride. In your course, you will also learn about equipment considerations, wingsuit selection, deployment procedures, emergency procedures, body position, navigation and flight patterns.

Josh Preston Wingsuiting

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Perfect practice makes perfect! Only a handful of people are “naturals” at anything. Seeing as how we weren’t born with wings, it’s very likely you’ll require some help and practice along the way. To ensure you’re on the best possible wingsuit progression, consult with our staff about wingsuit coaching.

Ready to soar like an eagle? Reach out to WNY Skydiving today!

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