How to Book A Skydive with WNY

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Hooray! You have decided to embark on one of the world’s most amazing experiences – jumping out of an airplane. Now what? How do you go about booking a skydive? Well, good news! It is super easy to arrange.

Do It Early

It is a tremendously good idea to book things in advance. While it is potentially possible to bumble into our facility and ask to have a go, we would rather know about it beforehand. Skydiving operations are scheduled to operate very efficiently – both to maximize the number of times in the day we can jump, and to minimize how long people need to wait for their turn. If you were to just turn up and it happened to be quiet then we could easily put you up, but more likely it would be busy and you need to wait until all the pre-booked people got their skydives done first – or even maybe there would be no space at all and you would have to come back another time. Nooo!

The earlier you book with us, the more likely you will be to get the time slot that you want. The process of doing a tandem skydive – including briefing, paperwork, gearing up and then flight and the jump itself – takes a couple of hours to complete. You should allow for up to half a day with us from start to finish, so getting a time slot of your choosing allows you to plan your day better for travel and other stuff. Jumping early in the morning is a particularly good idea, as not only will you have the rest of the day to feel great about what you have accomplished, it also provides the best light for the photos and video footage for you to show off about to everyone you know.  

How to Book a Skydive with WNY

Ways to Book

Making reservations is best done online. Firstly there is a calendar system you can use to choose available slots on the days we operate. While we cannot 100% guarantee you will jump at the exact time you select – our operation is scheduled quite precisely so if the weather is good it will likely be pretty close. Also, our website has a ton of information about what to expect when joining us to jump for the first time – such as what to wear and what to bring and all that stuff.

The other best way is by giving us a call. Even if lots of things are done via the internet these days, we understand that people often want to talk to a human – particularly if it is something one is naturally a bit nervous about doing such a leaping from an aircraft. We aim to have answers to all the usual questions on our website, but maybe you have more questions about your skydiving experience that we did not cover in particular or some special circumstances that you wish to discuss. Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you have, even if you might think they are weird things to ask about. Remember – there are no dumb questions – so ask away!

Other Stuff

If you mooch about our website, you will find that we offer more things! Feel like checking out the mist off Niagara Falls from 14,000ft? We do that too. How about rides in a biplane? Maybe you are interested in embarking on the path to becoming a skydiver yourself? All these things are available and can be booked in the same manner – either through the website itself or by speaking to our team on the telephone.   

Skydiving is a truly life-enhancing experience, and here at WNY, book online today! We have everything you require to make it an amazing time for everyone. We very much look forward to seeing you soon!

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