T2 – Your Second Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydive – Level 2

Training for a first tandem jump focuses on the basic body position required for skydiving as well as the plane ride and aircraft exit. A tandem skydive – level 2 introduces students to an altimeter which measures altitude and the ripcord used to deploy the parachute. and an introduction of canopy flight by your instructor under canopy!

Your goal on your level two tandem is to be able to shut out the insanity of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and focus on that altimeter. At an assigned altitude, you are responsible for pulling the ripcord for you and your instructor, saving your own life! If you don’t pull at the appropriate altitude, your instructor will be right there to get it for you.

In addition to using the altimeter in freefall, you will also be taught how to turn and go forward in freefall. There are two reasons we teach these skills. The first is that these are the exact skills you will be using on your next jump (using your own parachute…) and the second is so we give you too much to think about so you forget to pull the ripcord! While the second reason may sound cruel, we are trying to show you that time is a factor in skydiving. While we have lots of fun in the sky, at some point we have to pull a parachute out to save our own lives so we can jump again!

Upon passing your level two tandem skydive, you get the opportunity to join us in our student program. This is where the fun REALLY begins!!!