Get Your Skydiving License

From Tandem Student to Licensed Skydiver

WNYSkydiving is the premier skydiving training center of Western New York! If you loved your first skydive and just have to do it again, congratulations! You’re hooked just like all of us were after our first jumps! You have officially started along the path that will take you from tandem student to licensed skydiver. If you would like to truly learn to skydive, here is the basic progression at our dropzone. If you are interested in making a solo skydive without making a tandem jump first, WNYSkydiving now offers a package to suit your needs as well. Look below at the Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 Package.

  • Tandem Level 1
  • Tandem Level 2
  • First Jump Course
  • Accelerated Free Fall Program
  • Coach Program

As a Group Member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), WNYSkydiving follows the Integrated Student Program (ISP). The ISP is an approved skydiving training program recognized around the world. This program is outlined in the Skydiver’s Information Manual published by USPA. At WNYSkydiving we are committed to providing our students with a truly comprehensive skydiving training program. After completing this progression you will have earned your USPA “A” license.

What is an “A” license

An “A” license is the first license that you can get in skydiving. It is issued by USPA and requires a minimum of 25 skydives along with demonstration of several basic skydiving skills. The “A” license allows you to skydive almost anywhere in world. It allows you to jump in groups with other licensed skydivers. Once you have earned your “A” license, you no longer need to jump with a coach or instructor of any kind.