Biplane Flights Pricing

Have you always wanted to take a ride in a historic aircraft? This is your change at a truly a memorable experience for all ages!  Feel the wind in your face and take in the view from the air – just like the barnstorming pilots of the 1940’s. We offer a variety of different biplane flights pricing packages, and can even customize the flight to your particular needs.

Our pilot will keep it smooth and steady for those passengers who just want to take in the sights – or will make it a bit more exiting with some steep turns and wing-overs for those a tad more daring and adventurous.

Here are our most popular biplane flights and their pricing packages.

Dual Passenger Biplane Flights:

  • 15 minutes -$375
  • 30 minutes – $600

Single Passenger Non-Aerobatic Biplane Flights:

  • 15 minutes – $250
  • 30 minutes – $400

Single Passenger Aerobatic Biplane Flights:

  •  30 minutes – $400

Custom Length Flights & Scenic Biplane Tours:

More information about our 1942 PT-17 Stearman biplane is here.


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