2018 Skyvan Skydiving Boogie Event

August 24-26, 2018

The skydiving boogie event you’ve all been waiting for is back!

The best way to finish off a summer in Western New York is with our annual Skyvan Boogie. The Skyvan is a great skydiving plane, providing the opportunity for large group exits, as well asĀ  individual creative exits not available on aircraft with smaller doors.

The Skyvan can hold up to 22 skydivers, and you’ll be jumping from over 2.5 miles above the ground – approximately 3,000 ft higher than our normal exit altitude.

For tandem students, the regular cost is $275 – but with our sale, you can book your skydiving for just $219.

For larger groups, we have group rates as low at $199. This is the perfect event for large groups!

And don’t worry if you’re the only daredevil in your group of friends – you can jump without a group too! Bring the friends and family along to watch the show.